Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, December 8, 2004


In particular I ask all those who want to believe that they are praying for youth, for the purity of youth. Through sexism, purity and true love has been lost in marriage. The spouses separate at will. They will not master the smallest difficulties if they do not put my son in the middle, that he is the third in their covenant. Every marriage will fail without My Son.

Our common hearts bleed with love for the people, that they finally put their own wishes aside and expand the love in their hearts. I will not want to withdraw before because that is the wish of my heavenly Father that I may appear constantly also with you in the home shrines, in the churches, in the congregations, in the parishes, in the parish rooms, until all men do the will of my Son. Believe me because my love is so great towards all of you that I cannot help but ask for these visions, to strengthen you and to strengthen many, many others through you. You will hardly see successes, but failures will increase maturity in your hearts and beyond that, bring maturity to other hearts.

You are people with many weaknesses and that is why I help you in every situation. I, as your Heavenly Mother, am conceived from eternity without original sin. All graces have been given to me, and these graces I want to pass on. Come all to Me. I want to give everything that is in my heart. Everywhere limits are set for you, because you are inherently burdened. But in my goodness, in my abundant love, I can help you. The love I have from My Son. Our hearts become one again and again and that is why I can give you so much love. You are humble, obedient, faithful and obedient. For this I would like to thank you today on this day in the name of heaven. If you knew how much joy I was allowed to experience through you.