Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, July 25, 2005


My beloved ones, come all to My most adorable heart. I want to refresh you. Throw all sorrows on Me. I am with you every day. I want to lead you deeper into the Divine in these days. Here is your resting place. Here you shall receive special graces. ….

Jesus is a Jesus of freedom All are My creatures to whom I have given a personality. In this individuality all are different. I recognize all creatures and I call all by their name. They are drawn with My sign, the sign of the cross. By this you will recognize my chosen ones when they go my way of the cross, of persecution, of hostility and mockery. You are in My succession. They will be hated because of me. They will be able to hold out in my love until the end because they stand in divine power. Do you also give your life for Me, your Jesus? Are you ready? I just want your readiness. ... You cannot grasp it, because you want to grasp it with your mind and justify it. I tell you, your human grasp will not be sufficient. ... Your longing should become so great that no wishes of your own should be in your thoughts but to save people. Everything else has no value for you. This is your treasure.

My beloved ones, let this light illuminate you, for My Mother is the Bride of My Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit, My Spirit, is being poured out on all of you at this moment. Let yourself be sprayed and feel the Divine Love. My love is supernatural, because it is boundless. I am your beginning and your end, the Alpha and the Omega. Believe and trust in this divinity.

You are My chosen ones and you will be able to suffer. Without suffering you will not become holy. Without pain you will not be happy, because it is a love affliction. Let yourselves fall into the arms of My Father. Whoever knows me and follows me, in him I live and work in him, then there is no loneliness of the human.