Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Your Jesus knows only two ways: The first way is the way of My plans in the perfect truth. The second way is the way with evil.

This is what your Jesus calls: The evil one has taken possession. This is the obsession. The sign is always that the mind is clouded. These persons circle around themselves. They are then egoists, in whose mind there is no place for other men. They burden with themselves unconsciously other people who want to help them. These people will soon leave them, so that they can and want to protect themselves. After that, a complete isolation from the good people who love me develops. People possessed by the evil spirit now go even deeper into the abyss.

There are many atonement souls who take care of these people. Otherwise they would be lost and would strive toward eternal damnation. These atonement souls will experience much physical and mental suffering until they give up completely and sacrifice their lives. Through these atonement souls many people come to repentance. They will then love heaven completely and will take on tasks to want to save many souls again. These are then multipliers.

You will see nothing. No success. I see your failures and it is these failures that I make fruitful. You surrender everything to Me. You accomplish nothing. Remember that you are nothing. Always be aware of this.

Accept yourself. Do not ask others to understand you. There are few people who will love you with your limitations and weaknesses. Most people just want to have human contact with you for a while. You will experience great loneliness if you trust in people. Trust in your Jesus, who gives you everything out of love for you. Let me love you first. Only then can you learn to love others. Receive the love you long for from me.