Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, April 3, 2006


I, Jesus Christ, am suffering. My mother cries tears of blood in many statues, in many places. It appears in many places of grace today, and people, despite everything, cannot and do not want to believe. Therefore atone, My children, and pray, because it is not in vain that I have called and called you here. You are and want to be my little flock that remains of the great herd that wanders abandoned.

Hurry to the places of grace of My mother, there she is present. There she calls you. It rejoices you when you are there and when you agree to be there in great responsibility for humanity. I say to you, pray for the conversion of the many sinners, for the conversion of many priests who are also in grave sin and cannot repent because they have committed grave sacrileges. Pray for it, because the time you have left is short.

I will appear in great power and glory and you will all see Me. But first I will set many signs, signs also from my mother you will experience. Be ready, be available and live love and let much love into your heart.

You will become the temple of God if you let love flow in. I will let this love flow into your hearts through the love of the Holy Spirit, for I am the Bride of the Holy Spirit. You will feel this warmth. Your hearts will be filled with great love and you will not be able to do otherwise than My truths, which have become and remain truth only in the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, you will call these truths out into the world. Your heart will be filled with this love and your mouth will overflow.

Do not let up in prayer during this time. Be prepared to pray a lot for these poor sinners, so that the great judgment on the world will not come. For it is up to you, my chosen ones, how great this judgment will be or whether it can be held out if these chosen ones atone and pray enough.

Be ready, My children, your Heavenly Mother calls you again and again to proclaim the truths and not to be silent when it is about the truth of God. I love you, My children, I love you boundlessly and will lead you to the Father, to My Son, to the Holy Spirit.