Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Mother of the Holy Eucharist speaks in the Garden of Heavenly Green in Manduria through Anne.


Our Lady appeared with the sign of the Holy Eucharist.

Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist says: I am the Mother of the Holy Eucharist. The Holy Eucharist, the greatest sacrament of My Son Jesus Christ, who instituted it out of love for all people, wants to stand by you in the future through Me, His heavenly Mother. I am always with My Son. When you receive this Holy Sacrament in Holy Communion, you also receive Me. This is the Sacrament, the greatest sacrament, which will be very hostile also in this place. But remember that I am present. I personally am present and I come into your heart when you receive Me with an open heart. It means for you that you connect with Me personally. Your hearts with My heart are merged. You will never be able to grasp this great mystery. It is the greatest thing that My Son has given you out of overflowing love for you, all My children.

I am in the greatest sorrow for this Sacrament of My Son and I and My Son weep tears of blood for the many priests who are straying and who will fall into the abyss. Please, My children, pray more for these priests in the future. They commit great and many sacrileges and the heavens weep for these priestly sons. They are My beloved sons of priests and I want to lead them all to the Heavenly Father. Please continue to atone in the nights of atonement. They are precious to you and you will save many if you trust more in Divine Help, in Divine Love and not in your power.

Hold out in prayer. Be brave and strong. Very soon the darkness will come and the time when Jesus Christ will appear in great power and glory. Very soon, My children. Be ready. Some of My chosen ones, the chosen ones of My Son, will suffer severe pain for the salvation of children who would otherwise go astray. My son wants to save everyone. All My children are precious and I ask you to pray more fervently, yes daily, hourly for these priests.

The apostasy is still progressing and you, My children, are in great responsibility because you have been given this deep faith. Thank you for that. Give thanks also for the little things, for these thanks will enter into your hearts and fill you with joy, and these joys will strengthen you, for you will not be spared the sadnesses either, and failures shall not set you back.

You too will be tested by satanic powers, but I, your Heavenly Mother, will be with you. You will be led safely to the Heavenly Father of Me. Be childlike, humble and obedient. Give thanks in eternal love for the great gifts, for the fragrances, for the strengths, for the divine love, which always flow into your hearts.

Your Heavenly Mother, the Mother of the Holy Eucharist of this place with all the angels and saints in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blesses you. Amen.

Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.