Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fatima and Pink Mysticism Day.

Jesus Christ speaks at the Holy Lawn Cross in Meggen at about 15.00 o'clock through Anne.


Dearest Jesus, I thank You that You have come here to this place and today You will pour out Your graces in a special way on these Your pilgrims that You have called here to Your place of grace.

Jesus now says: My beloved pilgrims, My beloved children, here I am present among you with body, soul and spirit. You have been called and called to this special place of grace of the grass cross. It is a providence of God which has led you here. It is not you who have chosen Me in this place, I have chosen you.

I want to make you ready for the end times. You too will receive special graces to be prepared for the time to come. I want to strengthen you in this, my place, especially today. You will get and need special strengths.

Very soon My time will come, the time when I will appear in glory and glory in the sky. I am announcing to you today a special vision that in the very near future My Mother, your Mama, as you may call her, will come and appear as Mother and Queen of Victory at My place of grace Wigratzbad. She will soon win the greatest triumph in the whole world, the whole world, I said. You cannot fathom it and you cannot grasp it. Be grateful for these graces that I am transmitting to you today as a strengthening.

My mother, your mother, will crush the head of the snake with you. You, my beloved children of Mary, you will be allowed to experience this great event. It is fate that you are here. Give yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of My Heavenly Mother, your Mama. She will always be with you. She will let the Divine Love flow into your hearts. It will be in the furthest corner of your heart and will pour out bright light.

Consecrate yourselves daily to the Immaculate Heart of My Heavenly Mother, for this Immaculate Heart will prevail. Your mother, your mom, will provide you all guardian angels and angels in this fight of Satan. It will be the biggest fight that has already begun. But, My children, do not be afraid, do not be earthbound, for heaven has special graces ready for you. You will triumph with My mother. Stick to your mama. She will ask you all angels in these end times.

Nothing will frighten you, nothing should worry you, because in your hearts I will build the Temple, the Temple of My Divine Love. And this love should touch other people through you. Remember always, in your hearts I have built My temple. Live humility! Humility is the most important thing to come to Divine Love, for without humility you are pride. Practice humility! Live love!

And now, My beloved children, on this last way I want to send My Mother to you to accompany you. I want to bless, send, protect and love you in the Trinity with your Heavenly Mother, with all the angels and saints, with cherubim and seraphim, with your beloved Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be protected, My children. Do not be afraid, but believe. Live love, for love is the greatest!

Thank you, dear Lord Jesus, in this place of grace we have received so much strength from You today. You place us under Your cross and we accept our cross, just as You have foretold, not the cross of the other, but our cross. Help us to learn to love it, that we can and may take on this suffering and these difficulties, that the knowledge is in our hearts, that we accept everything that You have in store for us. Amen. Praise be to Jesus Christ, forever and ever. Amen. Mary dear with the child, give us all Your blessing. Amen.