Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, September 29, 2006

Feast of the Archangels.

Extase during the Holy Mass in Avignon, France.


The whole sky was present. I saw a large group of angels forming 9 choirs. They sang in various gradations. It was a wonderful singing that cannot be described. The three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael appeared in golden robes, the other angels had white robes on.

The archangel Michael conveyed a tremendous strength and power, which he had received from God to confront evil. Above it I saw many church dignitaries with a red, purple, black and one with a white small round headgear. Above it was Jesus and the Mother of God in white robes. Both had the scepter in their hands and a beautiful crown on their heads. The crown of Jesus was closed, that of the Blessed Mother was bent outwards with sparkling stones in red, blue and white. Above it the Holy Spirit and God the Father. At the bottom were many, many people. The sky opened and white manna came to earth in the form of white hosts. They floated down to the people.