Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, February 12, 2007

The Blessed Mother speaks through Anne on the Night of Atonement in Heroldsbach at about 23.30.


Our Lady says: My beloved and chosen children, today is a special day of grace for you. All of you, My beloved children of Mary, at this time when heaven is opening and manifesting, you have been called to experience this miracle, because your hearts need special strengthening and obvious guidance.

Yes, your Heavenly Mother is crying today, at this time, tears that are only dried by your consolation. I weep these tears for the grave sin of the whole world. The pain has also become unbearable for your Heavenly Mother. I ask for your comfort. By your participation in My suffering, you give Me comfort and this love that you show Me will grow in your hearts.

I thank you for agreeing to participate in the suffering of the whole world and to atone in this special night of atonement. Sacrifice, atone and pray. Do not continue to complain about the difficulties with your children and relatives during this time. My suffering because of this cannot be compared with your suffering. As your mothers, I wish that you would make small prayers for these people during this time. Begin by earning forgiveness on behalf of others. In this way you can stop the passing on of sin and prevent worse.

I am the Mother of the whole world and I wish that you help me to bring back souls to My Son. My Son died for all people and wishes your readiness to willingly accept difficulties as sacrifices, because people turn to worldly pleasures.

Yes, My beloved children, do not be afraid that your sufferings overwhelm you. Bear your hardships and pain bravely without complaining. Give everything to Me and do not burden yourselves with the sins of others. Weep with Me and stand under the cross, as I also stood under the cross of My Son. So you too, my children of Mary, will accept this suffering. Ask for these graces. I will ask for it.

Your guardian angels watch over you and want to protect you from the evil temptations. Do not succumb to these attacks, but persevere in the certainty that your Mother fills your hearts with Divine Love. Let your hearts become a flame of love. Joy will then be given to you out of gratitude and increased fragrances will strengthen you.

Your Heavenly Mother weeps for the grave sins of the murders of the unborn life. The second grave sin that must be atoned for is the many sacrileges of My beloved sons of priests. How has My heart become heavy in this suffering. Comfort us again and again and prove to us that you love us. We pay attention to your words that come from your warmed hearts.

My little one, once before you have been prevented from passing on words from heaven. Today you will persevere and no one will be able to stop my words in this distress. Time is pressing, my little one, you will be especially strengthened and protected. All My children who were present at My flow of tears believed and were deeply touched. You will never be able to forget this touching event. It should continue to inspire you to atone. You will move many priests today to full conversion through your persevering prayer. I now show you these many souls that have been saved to thank you.

In conclusion, I bless you with motherly care and I ask your guardian angels to come down to you in the name of the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hang on, My children, I wait for your comfort. The time is hurrying, my children, you who are under my cloak. This should give you a feeling of security and safety.