Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Words of Jesus through His little nothing Anne at 12.00 o'clock in Göritz/Wigratzbad.


Jesus now says: My beloved and chosen ones. Today, on Sunday, I also speak to you. On this day, My day of rest, you shall receive a special strengthening and guidance. I am always with you and in your hearts. Do you feel that you are not alone? Go into silence and you will hear Me speaking in your hearts.

This is My Holy Spirit who makes you know all that is right. You will be given a guideline that will guide the next decision you have to make. Turn your gaze inwards and don't look at how the others do it. Ask how Jesus would decide at this moment. Remain in love with the other, even if you are disregarded and hurt by the other. Then especially pray for this person who is not well disposed towards you. Many tests will be imposed on you so that your steadfastness will grow. Do not be like a wavering pipe. Satan proceeds cunningly, he wants to bring you down. Do not look at one praise of the other. Become suspicious and watchful.

When My time is fulfilled, the Holy Spirit will give you all that you have to say. All the fear of man will depart from you and the fruit of God will become strong in you. Then I can work in you. Since you have given Me your will, I, as king, can reign in your hearts. You become a willing tool because I let my love flow into your hearts. This love drives you and you will be able to do everything for the will of the Heavenly Father, yes, you will declare your own life null and void and only strive for the heavenly.

Very soon people will recognize their burden of sin in a soul-show determined by Me. Many will want to be frightened and turn back. Some, however, will continue to grant the worldly pleasures. But first my Heavenly Mother will weep tears, even blood tears, for the burden of sin of men, since it happens at my request.

Very soon the faithful will take action against the priests who withheld My true liturgy from them and led them astray. Also, the priests who are in My full truth will rise up against the bishops, because they will be so strong that they put their own lives at stake. Nothing will be able to dissuade them from standing up for my truth. The Holy Spirit will guide them and the Bride of the Holy Spirit, My dearest Mother, will give them her maternal protection.

A little while longer, and everything will happen, as I will give it to my prophets and messengers. Nothing will seem too heavy for them when it comes to their beloved Jesus Christ. Believe and trust more deeply, My beloved little ones, and do not let yourselves be distracted by anything. Progresses courageously and holds out until the end. I will never leave your hearts, which you open to me. I refresh you with the water of life, for you draw from the fountain of faith. I bless you, My beloved ones in the Trinity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.