Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jesus speaks in Hittisau/Austria after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through Anne.


Jesus Christ, you just told me that you want to say some words here in your place. I ask you to speak these words.

Jesus Christ bent down from the cross to His priestly son during His Holy Mass of Sacrifice. He thanked that here, in this place, in this room, His Holy Mass of Sacrifice was celebrated in all reverence.

Jesus now says: You, My beloved and chosen ones, have been called to this place, to this place I have chosen for Me. Every single one of you has received this call in My last time, which I have chosen, to want to save souls.

You, My beloved ones, are supported by My Heavenly Mother, by My beloved Mother and also by your mother whom I have given you as a gift. She will implore all angels down to you so that you can hold out until the last end. Only through Me, through My help, through My Divine strength, will you be able to be ready to choose this last path. Again and again you will be strengthened by My Holy Spirit.

Be vigilant, My children, because at the last moment Satan will strike again with his last blow. Then the end will be there, then I will come in great power and glory with my heavenly mother. You will be allowed to witness this victory, the victory of my mother. It is a great gift for you as you persevere until the end.

Pray, fast, atone and sacrifice in this last time so that I can save many souls, priest souls, because many are not in My truth. They commit grave sins, even sacrileges, and everything must be atoned for. That is why appear, My children. Help My Heavenly Mother to crush Satan's head. My Heavenly Mother has a hard time in this last time, because she is giving birth to the new church.

I will cleanse this present church and a beautiful church will be able to come into being through the cleansing that I have sanctified. Everything, in this My Church, will be in order. You, My children, will experience the transition of My purification. Do not be sad at this time, as you have to suffer many things. You will get hostility, but my mother will stand by you. Calls them again and again. Give yourselves to her in a covenant of love. She will watch over you, My beloved children, caringly. She will be with you and all your angels will beg down and they will give you this protection. Hold out! Be vigilant and obedient!

I bless you now in threefold power with My Heavenly Mother, with all the angels and saints, with My entire heaven, with your beloved Padre Pio, in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen. Live love, for love is the greatest thing, and only in love can you survive all this. Amen.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, forever and ever. Amen. Mary dear with the child, give us all Your blessing. Amen.

I would also like to say that during the Holy Mass the sky suddenly opened. The angels were begged down by the Heavenly Mother. They were with all of us. The guardian angels were allowed to step behind us and ask for this protection, which we need for the coming time.