Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, March 12, 2007

The Blessed Mother speaks to the pilgrims in Heroldsbach in the pilgrims' hall at about 17.30 through Anne.


Anne is visibly touched by the sadness of the Blessed Mother and cries while the Blessed Mother speaks through her.

I thank you, dear Blessed Mother, for blessing us all, for wanting to continue with us on this path, this last path. Dear Mother of God, sometimes you look quite sad. You are changing, but You love us, and out of love You have shown us these tears so that we can tell others that You are love. Blessed Mother, please say a few words to us.

Our Lady says: My beloved children, I, your dearest mother, have blessed you. You have rushed to Me, not out of curiosity, no, because you love the whole heaven so much, because you want to make sacrifices, because you want to atone for the whole world. I thank you, dearest children. I will go this way with you.

My little one has asked Me many times that I may be with you, that I may protect you and I will do it. Do not be afraid, dear children. I cried for the whole world. I have wept for these priests, My sons of priests, who lie in many sins, who do not want to repent.

Dear children, atone again this night for these priests. Many, many I will save that night. My little one will write down My words. Also My Son, Jesus Christ, will speak to you. He, too, will come very soon in great power and glory, as he has so often said. My children, hold out! Again and again I want to beg you, persevere! The angels will accompany you.

Dear Mother of God, it is so touching when you speak. I can hardly repeat your words. The sky is so close. Angels have just appeared. The Blessed Mother has become so beautiful. She has got such a beautiful face. She has changed, but her eyes always look sad. Mother of God, smile down on us once in a while. A smile, dear Mother of God, please. It hurts so much when you look so sad. No, no, she swallows with tears because she can hardly hold back the tears. She weeps inwardly because of the many people who do not want to repent, because of this apostasy that does not stop. She wants to call all her children to atonement. "Atone, My children, I want to save everyone," she says now.

Our Lady continues to say: Believe and trust! Entrust yourselves again and again to heaven. Your Father in heaven is waiting for your prayer. He is with you and He asks you, He implores you - pass it on. Scream it into the world, My children. I will take away all your fear. May all the fear of man continue to leave your hearts and may the fear of God grow in you, My children. You only need the fear of God.

Proclaim the love of God! The love of God My Son is the greatest thing you can achieve on earth and once in God's glory you will be able to see this love. You will be allowed to live eternally in this love. My children fight, fight with Me, fight together with your Heavenly Mother. Soon the end will be here, children. I take you all under My cloak.

At the moment she is spreading her coat. He's getting very far. O Blessed Mother, thank You for wanting to take us under this cloak, because there we are safe, there we can fight together with You, and we will and may fight this fight with You. Blessed Mother thank you. I can only say again and again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your dear children who are here and persevere. On behalf of her, I would like to thank you. They all love you, Blessed Mother. Look at her. They are your children and you will hide them all under your cloak.

Our Lady says: Beloved children, now I will bless you and I will protect and love you, yes and I want to tell you, send out, send out, I say this quietly because the battle is beginning. Satan will strike the last blow. My children persevere. I am with you. I will not leave you.

Thank you Blessed Mother, thank you for your love. Thank you for being there, our dearest, our very best mother, our mom.

Our Lady blesses us: Your dearest Mother in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blesses you. Amen. Live love, My children. Love is the greatest. Be obedient and watchful. Being vigilant is also important.

Thanks! Praise be to Jesus Christ, forever and ever. Amen.