Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, March 12, 2007

The Blessed Mother speaks in Heroldsbach in the atonement night 23.40 o'clock through Anne.


Our Lady says now: My little and beloved Mary's children, today, on this important day in this night of atonement, I, your Heavenly Mother, want to give you some guiding and loving words. I am always caring for you so that nothing happens to you that is not provided for in your Father's plan.

How lovingly He looks upon you. Believe and trust that He loves and guards you in every moment. If an earthly Father is already so concerned about you, how will this be only with your heavenly Father? You are locked up in his heart. All his love shines into your hearts. I want to thank you, My beloved children, that you have come to dry My tears again. My inner tears wet my heart. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to hold back my tears.

My little one, you see how great My pain is for the many people of the world and for My sons of priests. You have come to my consolation. Under My cloak I will save you. The greater my suffering becomes, the more my love for you is kindled.

Save souls, especially priest souls. They are especially precious to My Son because in their hands His body will be transformed. But so many blessed and consecrated people do not believe in His presence and do not practice worship. They have become priests of the world.

How much I suffer when they have taken off their priest clothes. They no longer profess their holy and privileged vocation. How many people have fallen through them. I suffer great pain for each one of these souls. More and more guilt is accumulating on guilt. How many tears I still have to shed for her.

How gravely they insult My Son through every hand communion. There is still no sign of a halt to these crimes. How proud they have become of their own effectiveness. How much they are loved by My Son and yet they lead their believers astray. Laymen distribute His Holy Body without hesitation.

The bishops are instructed by your earthly Holy Father to obey his orders and to obey him. The striving for power of these disobedient bishops must come to an end.

My children, will you help Me to stand by Me in this night of atonement and console My bleeding heart? Repent so that My Son may look upon you, My beloved children, with favor. I will put your guardian angels at your side and implore the Divine Power. The time is short in which you can still make atonement. Full of longing My Son looks upon your readiness and availability.

Look into the expanse, My children. It is not only in your families that injustice and strife is happening; grave sins are covering the whole world. This guilt is getting bigger and bigger. The misbelief multiplies and the apostasy cannot be stopped.

How many of My children have fallen to the world and satanic powers. They are not prepared to turn back. That is why there are so many diseases in the world. Many sick people have made themselves available to My Son as atoning souls. They are ready for the most severe atonement sufferings. Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, because this, My heart, wants to win with you.

Yes, now the biggest battle begins. Be prepared to fight with Me. Do not avoid it, even if you have to endure hardships. Have I not promised to be with you? Do not seek solace in this world. Heaven will have to allow many things, so that you may save souls from eternal corruption. Eternal joys will be given to you if you persevere. The time of My Son will come very soon.

You are loved with eternal love. The Godhead lives in your inflamed hearts and this love wants to be passed on. Proclaim the words of My Son. Many are waiting for your firmness. Remain steadfast and calm in your difficulties, for you will be strengthened with divine power. Now I will bless you with motherly care in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love heaven and do not let up in atonement, sacrifice and prayer.