Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, March 26, 2007

In the evening.

Jesus speaks during the retreat in Wigratzbad from March 26-29, 2007 about His Holy Eucharist through His instrument Anne.


Jesus says: My beloved ones, today you have gathered around Me again. I gather you together and lead you to the places where you especially feel My presence. Your longing for Me must become stronger in your hearts. Then, when you give your difficulties to Me, the highest Godhead, I will ask My Mother to transmit great graces to you.

In this time, My end time, I demand many sacrifices from you. Come to my cross and place yourselves under this cross so that I help you to be able to accept your cross. Only through my divine power is it possible for you to hold out until the end.

My mother carried the heaviest cross with Me, because her mother's heart was pierced by a sword. You, My children, cannot measure how hard their suffering was for their children of the whole world. It is she who gives birth to the new church, which is in the throes of birth. You have been chosen to help her in this suffering. The time has come where my mother gathers her flock of children around her to trample the head of the serpent with her. Are you ready, My children? Why do you resist the constant availability? Everything is fate. You will be guided and directed from heaven. Don't let up in this availability and become calm and stay in the deep inner joy.

Live from the Holy Eucharist, which you should attend daily. These flowing graces are to reach men who reject me. How heavy will my suffering be for these straying men. Show your readiness and bear witness to my truth bravely and courageously. This is to encourage you to be able to die for me in the end.

Move in the Heavenly Spheres and draw from the springs of the eternal water. Lives in Me. Give yourself in total surrender. Surrender your egoistic and self-centered will to me, so that my power of action is in you. Strive for holiness. I wait for your constant "yes" to embrace you in love. Speak to me in simple words and in humility, because with proud hearts I do not ask for admission. Your will is so important because I will not break your will. This is the freedom in which you can make your decisions for me.

Let the love be felt in your inflammable hearts. How much I am waiting for your love, that you confess your love to me. Let your heart become an exchange of love with Me. Words of love will flow from your mouth when your heart is filled. Receive the fullness of your true faith. Again and again I connect your heart with the flame of my heart.

Let your radiance be expressed if you want to infect other hearts and move their souls to repentance. Therein lies your responsibility to save others and your goal should never include anything else. Let Me become your sun, your center. Direct your eyes to me, that warms you and life begins in you. Without My touch you remain cold and without life. I am the way, the truth and the life, and without me you cannot stand.

Learn from my mother. She was and is an eternally hearing person. Receive my words within you and learn to be silent in due time. Become like a blossom that opens more and more. Look into your innermost being, there you are at home, there is your treasure. Like a precious pearl I want to be protected in your hearts. May the blessing of the Triune God accompany you on your ways. I bless you, My beloved believing children of the Kingdom of God.