Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, April 13, 2007

Jesus speaks through Anne in the atonement night in Heroldsbach at about 0.50 o'clock.


Jesus says in this moment: My beloved ones, I, Jesus Christ, speak again in this most holy night of atonement in Heroldsbach, My place of prayer, through My willing, obedient and humble little nothing Anne. She only speaks My truths, not a word is out of her.

My faithful, My followers and My blessed ones, I want to announce to you now your persecution. Do not develop human fears, because I am with you and do not leave you alone with your Heavenly Mother for a moment. If you hold out until my coming, I will strengthen you in divine love. Your guardian angels give you constant guidance.

My little band, now the time of your persecution has begun. This time is also a time of your trials. Satanic powers want to lead you away from your ways. Passes these tests and bravely endures. I will watch over you. What a great longing I have for your hearts, which I would like to ignite to flames of love.

How much your beloved Savior suffers when I have to watch your persecution. Again and again I close you into my outstretched arms. They embrace you with boundless love. Look at the tears of My mother as she suffers as the mother of the whole world. All people are equally important to her. She takes them to her consoling mother's heart and asks you to save these souls. How precious is a night of atonement in united and intimate prayer. How fruitful these atonement nights will be.

I weep for My sons of priests, consecrated to Me and beloved. How many of these sons of priests no longer believe in My presence and commit severe sacrileges at these popular altars. More and more the Immaculate Heart of My Mother is being violated to the greatest extent. In how many places she cries visibly and asks for conversion through her tears. Can you measure how great their suffering is?

This humanity, which is in grave debt, wants to save it. How many messengers, even chosen ones, have I called to proclaim my truths courageously. Ever deeper I let my love flow into these hearts. My words, My truths, remain forever. These, My truths, are twisted by those consecrated to Me.

Satan has stretched out his nets He wants to bring many down. Lies are widely spread and bring confusion. But I, Jesus Christ, watch over My Church, which I Myself purify. You are in this purification, which is painful for you because you are my members. You are members of my royal rule. As my followers you will find security and safety.

How much suffering, yes how many diseases must I bring upon this humanity to awaken it. My redeeming heart is courting these souls. My shepherds have left their sheep alone. They wander around seeking comfort and support in alcohol and drugs. No one is willing to make sacrifices for them. You, My children, are especially atoning for My priests because they have a great responsibility and are judged according to their measure. They want to escape their responsibility and reach for worldly pleasures to which they succumb.

Satan has broken into My Holy Catholic Church with great success. But I, Jesus Christ, am the Ruler of My Church. If you persevere, My children, the crown of victory is certain for you and I will rise in your hearts to new life because I am the truth and the life. Only he who dies to the world will come into my heavenly kingdom. Your joys will not cease there for eternity. The shorter the time of My coming, the greater will be My longing for your beloved hearts.

Remain in Me and receive Me worthily in every Holy Communion that I desire kneeling as oral communion. Follow these instructions and I will stay with you and give you the key of knowledge. Be ready, my faithful ones, with me to pass this battle with Satan. You will achieve victory with my beloved mother.

I thank you for having faithfully followed My paths. Your Jesus pours out His love on you again and again. The Queen of Roses wants to give you Heavenly Fragrances, all of you. Another request to you, pay attention to My multiplied signs and live in Providence. I bless you in the Trinity of God, with all angels and saints and My Heavenly Mother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank My beloved priest son for his full willingness to follow Me, even if great sacrifices are being imposed on him at the moment. The time of my justice has come. I will lead my beloved priest son and no one will be able to snatch him from me even in the greatest persecution. The guidance of the souls of my beloved little ones I have entrusted to him and no one will be able to take it away from him. My beloved ones, be ready for any sacrifice. I am the ruler over life and death.