Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jesus Christ speaks through His little nothing to the pilgrims of Heroldsbach.


Jesus now says: My beloved children and chosen ones, have thanks that you have once again followed My call to hasten to this important place of pilgrimage. How happy I am that I may look into your radiant faces. In each of you is a glimmer of the Divine, for I have chosen you. Thank, My beloved ones, that you are here of one mind, and no one can rob you of this deep faith and inner peace, for you are in My grace.

My mother chose this place to strengthen her children of Mary. You are here in the supernatural. No one can tear you apart, for one stands up for the other. Here you share your earthly joys with each other, which become part heavenly joys.

Yes, My children, here My beloved priestly son has been robbed of the power of confession. To this, My chosen priestly son, I, Jesus Christ, have given this confessional charism to give many pilgrims the opportunity to free them from their sins. A special grace was given to all of you because I, Jesus Christ, was active in this priest and you, My children, felt something extraordinary happening here.

Something occurred which reveals my truth, for consider, whenever my announcement happens through my chosen instruments, hostility immediately begins. Only then can you be sure that you are not subject to deception. Even though I allow many things, I protect my chosen ones again and again, and My Heavenly Mother protects them with care.

Yes, beloved pilgrims, My time, the time of your persecution, has begun. Do not develop fears, because you are not alone. With your Heavenly Mother you are now in the strong battle of Satan. Escape into the Immaculate Heart of your beloved Mama. You have experienced this miracle of tears of your Heavenly Mother and have been deeply touched by it. Your hearts were inflamed with love, for special graces and strengths were bestowed upon you.

Bear witness now to your Most High Lord Jesus Christ in the Trinity and to the beloved Heavenly Mother. Let nothing deter you, for the enemy is cunning. Be vigilant and stay on the Heavenly Paths. Strengthen the power of prayer and continue to atone for the many sons of priests who would otherwise fall into the eternal abyss. I, your dearest Jesus, am waiting for your constant readiness.

I will make miracles happen through you and people will feel that inexplicable powers are flowing out of you. Also your charisma increases. This will spur you on to give pleasure to heaven. These joys will call you to new zeal.

My little one, today a new day begins in which I speak to you. I know, my little one, that you suffer for my sake. You see my suffering, which men inflict on me, who do not want to believe. I have chosen you to proclaim My truths. You will want to fulfill my will in everything because you do not want to leave me, your dearest Jesus, alone in this final phase.

Yes, my little one, I have given you richly with graces. This implies for you that I must demand the utmost of you, namely your whole will. Even if it now seems hopeless for you and everything seems unfathomable to you, you know that I can connect your impotence with my omnipotence. Everything can change according to the will and plan of the Heavenly Father. Do you now want to pray into this will or do you want to keep something for yourself? I'm waiting for your totally available "Yes, Father". I am with you, even if you now feel all alone and abandoned. Let yourself fall into the arms of your Heavenly Father. His arms are already spread out to catch you. Now take this leap into the unknown, then finally everything will be good for you. Don't you know that all heaven suffers with you and sees your pain?

My dearest Heavenly Father, I can say and speak nothing else but Yes father. I, your little nothing, am ready to fulfill your will in its entirety. Help me, dear Father, to get up again and continue your steps, even if they involve infinite suffering and pain. I go to the fatherland by your hand. There I will find peace from these storms that whip above me and will not let me rest.

Jesus continues: Now, little one, I speak to you about the place of prayer, My place of prayer Heroldsbach. Yes, it will expand to become the greatest 'place of pilgrimage in Germany. Have patience My little children. I, your dearest and foresighted Jesus, prepare everything through you when you follow Me in My following in everything.

How much your Lord and Saviour was hurt in this of His church at this place of prayer. This church was built with the help of freemasons. There is no blessing on it. I desire that you, My beloved ones, give Me the honor in My Church of the Rosary in this place of prayer and do not enter this Masonic Church in the future. Many things will still happen there, and I do not want to impose even more on you. In a most horrible way, there, infamous lies were spoken against your Supreme Lord and Savior, and I was slandered in the worst way.

Now, My children, you can decide for yourselves whether you want to stand on the side of the evil one and reject the further gifts of grace which you have received in abundance through My chosen one who only proclaims My words and remains My little tool. Nothing is out of her. It will be strengthened by many humiliations, which will also contribute to its sanctification.

My children, do not leave Me. Full of longing I follow your readiness to atone for this place of prayer where so much has happened. I love you and wait for your comfort, for heaven cries many tears, because the desire of the Heavenly Father is to be thwarted.

Help Me to save the souls of priests, for the fall into eternal damnation is cruel and unbearable for all heaven. I died for everyone and I want to save everyone. Help Me, My children, Divine Love is certain for you. Nothing should frighten you, because your guardian angels will accompany you on these paths. Your Heavenly Mother will implore them to you. In threefold power and the protection of heaven, I now bless you in the Trinity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. My children, remain faithful to me and to heaven.