Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our Lady speaks to the pilgrims in Medjugorje.


Dear Blessed Mother, I thank you for caring for your children, for loving them all so much that you want to speak to them constantly to motivate them to help you save the world.

Our Lady of Medjugorje now says: My dearest children, My children of Mary, today I have led you here to this place, to this shrine, that is how I will call it, because I call My children. It is not self-evident, My beloved ones, that you are here. You have indeed decided to come to this place, but in your heart I have called you. Now I desire from you to prepare your hearts for this time, for this time of grace, so that I, as Mother of the Church, as Mother of the whole world, may pour many graces into you, so that you may pass them on when you start your journey home.

Divine love is the greatest, My children. If this love is in your hearts, you can pass it on and people will be so taken with you because you radiate this love. A glimmer of the Divine will shine from your faces and this glimmer I want to give into your hearts, I, as your Mother, who loves you very much. I want to strengthen you in Divine Power so that you may follow My Son in everything.

You stand in this following and purification of the Church of My Son Jesus Christ. Therefore I speak to you through the willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. My Son has called her and she speaks only words that are from heaven. She never speaks words from herself.

Believe, My children, even when you see nothing. The time of My Son is here. The final final phase has been reached. I, your heavenly mother, still want to save many souls through you, especially priest souls, and I need you for this, because I want you to belong to me in this final battle. I want to protect you under my wide coat and rescue you as my children, then I can lead you, then you are ready to fight this last fight with me.

As you all know, Satan has entered into the Church of My Son, yes this is the truth. That is why I, my children, want to trample the head of the serpent with you. You will be able to help me when you walk at my hand, at the mother's hand into the fatherland, because the heavenly father is with you. He spreads out his arms, he wants to catch you again and again, then, when you have fallen. You will be able to stand up and walk on this hand.

Go to the Sacraments of My Son, to the Holy Sacrament of Penance, which is especially respected here, because many people have been redeemed from serious sins. Go also you, My children, in this place to this Holy Sacrament. Receive it in awe, receive My Son in Holy Communion. With body and soul he is present, yes, with body and soul. Since many priests no longer believe in this sacrament of My Son, you believe all the more. Repent, pray and sacrifice. Be ready for this final hour of the final battle.

And now, My children, I bless you. I love you and also tell heaven that you love Us and go with us. Do not leave us. Walk this straight path and continue on the mother hand. Your dearest Mother in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blesses you. Amen. Look at love. Love is the greatest and remains in love. Amen.

Thank you, Blessed Mother.