Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jesus speaks to the pilgrims in the chapel in honor of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Battenhausen with Father A.


At that moment the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus moved, to which the statue of the Heart of Mary was added. Jesus pointed to the heart of Mary and said: "We are one. There are also many angels present, the archangels and also Padre Pio.

Jesus now says: My beloved children, My beloved pilgrims, today, on this day, you have entered this holy ground as a group of pilgrims for the first time. I thank you for agreeing to hurry here and follow My instructions. It will not be the last time. As I, Jesus Christ, desire, I ask you, come to this place for the time being on every day that you go to My place of grace Heroldsbach, so that I can sanctify and bless you in this place. This place is a special place. It will also expand as a place of pilgrimage according to My wish.

Beloved children, listen and obey My instructions which I give through My willing, obedient and humble instrument. They are not her words. They are my words and nothing is out of her. I will humiliate them quite often, so that the evil enemy cannot get at them. Yes, My children, it is unusual for a seer to be named by Me and never will I allow the evil enemy to harass her. It is unique. This commission she has received from Me is very large. It will lead into this purified church. She has received My mission to proclaim My Holy Eucharist from Me. It will be able to fulfill this mission in its entirety.

I love you, My beloved children, My pilgrims, My children of Mary. How much I have pressed you to My heart. Not only I, but My beloved Mother is with Me and with these Our united hearts you have been merged in this sacred place.

My children, it is something very special, something very big, a special grace that is given to you here. Thanks again and again. When you will come to my place of prayer and pilgrimage, as I will call it, the battle will begin. Please do not develop any fears, because my Heavenly Mother will spread this circle of light around you again and again. This circle of light protects you from evil. My Heavenly Mother will also call down the angels.

As my little one saw it last Saturday, a whole legion was there for her protection. I will not allow you to be insulted in such a way that you have to suffer in such a way and I, too, especially my Heavenly Mother. She suffers in you and I suffer with her. Yes, she cries tears not only there, but also tears of blood inside, as my priest has already confessed. These tears that go inside are much heavier and much worse for My Heavenly Mother than if She could cry visibly.

My children, cry with me too, because a great campaign of persecution is beginning. But also again and again our loving and protecting hearts come to us. I want to inflame you today with Our united hearts, inflame in Divine Love, because what is coming to you needs great power, Divine Power. You can exist this only in my strength. That is why I ordered you to come here, because it was my call that you followed.

Again and again I want to thank you, because this thanks is for you in Heavenly Joy. Also thank Us, all heaven, because you will continue to be protected. You will experience heavenly joys and especially all, heavenly scents. This should be a confirmation to you that many things that are opened to you, that you recognize in the Holy Spirit through the heavenly fragrance, are the truth. You shall thereby recognize which path you shall take.

If you follow My instructions step by step and to the smallest detail, you will be very happy here on earth. Never will your Heavenly Mother let you out of her sight. She will protect you like her dearest star. This beauty and this purity outshines everything and you receive a Divine Ray from My Heavenly Mother. You are their children and heavenly children. And now I want to bless, protect, love and also send you out in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Yes, also My mother now blesses you with Padre Pio, with the angels and archangels, with cherubim and seraphim. These graces are being bestowed upon you right now. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, be obedient and endure until my end, because very soon I will appear in heaven with my dearest mother, the Queen of Victory. Persevere, My children and obey everything. Amen.

12 / 13 June 2007. Jesus speaks in front of the Blessed Sacrament of the Blessed Sacrament in Heroldsbach at about 23.50 o'clock.

Jesus speaks: My beloved children and pilgrims. I, Jesus Christ, speak again through My willing, humble and obedient instrument Anne. She is all Mine and speaks only My words. Nothing is of herself.

My beloved ones, your Jesus wants to thank you for having followed my call and my instructions in such a large number. Yes, your persecution in My Holy, Catholic Church has begun. From my little one you will read off how I let my chosen ones grow stronger. With human strength this would not be bearable. But with Divine Power you will overcome all obstacles. You are now all going through a difficult time. But remember, your Heavenly Mother walks this path with you. She will always implore the angels down to you, whom you need at this moment. Flee again and again to their Immaculate Heart, then you will become ever more like Our loving united hearts. Around you is a circle of light that no one can break through. Follow My instructions step by step. Do not let up in prayer, sacrifice and atonement. Follow My plans.

Pray and atone above all for My priests. If you do not agree to atone for them, they will fall into the eternal abyss in droves. Suffer with My mother, the queen of priests. More and more their blood tears will flow in many statues.

I send you, My beloved children, to pass through these raging storms. Do not be afraid, but believe. Develops an extremely high level of trust. Be like little children, lovingly flocking around their father. How long has your father been waiting for your complete availability. Love will triumph. Remain in Divine Love and in Serenity. Your loving mother will always be with you and protect you. The last epoch of My coming has begun.

At this sacred place of grace Heroldsbach the greatest struggle has begun. Learn to fight and do not give up. How many of My children will fall away in this last time. Remain united with Our loving hearts, then nothing can happen to you. The deeper your trust grows, the more graces are poured out upon you. Wonder after wonder will happen. Remember that many people want to read from your steadfast behavior. Help Us to save souls, especially priest souls.

Even if you are being persecuted at the moment, trust in the Divine Power and Strength. Think not of your sufferings, but consider how great My suffering on the cross was for you. How much I have suffered because of your sins and transgressions. My love will grow in your hearts if you have the will to persevere. Develops an exceedingly great longing for Divine Love. Your Savior wants to satisfy this longing. Practises whole-character input. Your beloved Jesus desires your sacrifices. Only through the cross is eternal salvation granted to you.

Now I want to bless you, protect you, love you and send you out with triple Divine Strength, with My Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints and beloved Padre Pio, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be obedient and stay in love.