Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dearest Jesus, close my ears and eyes so that I can open my inner being and hear and obey Your words.

Jesus says: My beloved little one, I have always stood by you. I know your innermost being. I know that you feel overwhelmed. I listen to your request to invite Me into your heart so that I can strengthen you anew with My power. Be loved, My little one. It is going forward and upward. We do not stop.

To all the children here I give My word and guide them and give them My strengths when they use their will, because I do not break their own will. I stay with you every day. Why do you not have a deeper trust? Rejoice every moment, because every moment is precious. You too are precious like pearls that must not be trampled on.

My little children, all of you who are afflicted with severe anxieties and depressions, I want to heal all of you and I have given to this one, My priest son A. F., this gift of grace to heal persons with severe inner soul sufferings. Listen carefully to his words and do not be unbelievers, but believers. If you do not make use of this Divine Power, which I let flow into you, then this salvation will not be granted to you.

I invite you all and say to you, come to My heart and put all in My precious wounds. There you will be healed. No one is allowed to hold you if you use your will and actively help. At this moment many hearts are ready to let Me help them. The Holy Spirit will overflow you with the fire of love, with the fire of My power and new zeal, so that you can dare a new beginning.

If you dare this way with Me, you will be saved. If not, I cannot lead you out of this darkness. Come, My children, My Spirit will overflow you. The darkness shall have an end. Become free from all fears and compulsions, for your highest lord and master desires it. The Lord over all evil powers will free you and lead you into a happy new life.

My highest Lord and Master, You Lord of life and death, heal these people from all evil influences. You can do it and you want to do it.

Jesus continues: My little one, because you trust deeply, I will enter into the open hearts and free them from all compulsions and all fears that hinder them to go their way only with Me. I will give them tasks that will free them. I will release everything that is bound. Rejoice, for you are all called to fulfill my plan of love. My power will come upon you and you will accomplish things that you have never done and dared to do. Do not give up. Master all difficulties. Trust in My help. Amen.