Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jesus speaks to the pilgrims through Anne at the grass cross in Meggen/Allgaeu after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass.


Jesus and the Blessed Mother with their burning united hearts appeared, Padre Pio and Fr. Hieber appeared blessing, St. Michael the Archangel, the two other archangels, all our guardian angels, St. Joseph with the Child Jesus, who also blessed. The Holy Spirit was during the Holy Mass, now he has also appeared in the bright light, above the head of Fr. L., the holy priest who here celebrated the sacrifice of Christ in a venerable way.

At the moment I see the whole chapel in a bright golden light. To the back this chapel widens out very far because the light goes over it and I see a very large chapel. People flow to this chapel from right and left, from the front and from behind. They all want to experience this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is always celebrated here in a venerable way. Out of this lawn cross, golden and red rays come out at the ends all around. The rays remain. They are rays of grace.

Jesus Christ now speaks to us: My beloved children, I speak again today through My willing, humble and obedient child Anne. I thank you that you have appeared in such large numbers for My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Many graces were radiated here in this place today. The rays that My little one sees are not only rays of graces, but I want to tell you with this, I am the light of the world. Come to this light. I want to be your center. I want to pour out rays of grace from your hearts on others who touch you. Through this I want to save many people.

I want to draw many priests to My Sacred Heart, because as you know, My children, many priests are not on the right path and are not in My truth. Keep atoning. Pray and sacrifice for them, because I want to save all priests. They are My shepherds and My mother is the queen of all priests. She also wants to press them to her motherly heart.

Love, My children. Love the divine. Remain in the truth. Be persistent and strong. This last path will be even stonier for all of you. But I tell you, do not be afraid. Be without fear because I am your light, which will protect you in this time. My mother will always be with you too. She will again and again implore the angels down to you and they will accompany you on this way. You are never alone, for heaven is in you and around you.

To this place, My children, come still quite often, then you can take your cross even better on yourselves, because this cross holds so many graces that you cannot get otherwise. It is a heavenly cross, consider this. It is to tell you that it is I who carry your cross with you. Even in the heaviest cross and suffering you are never alone.

Pray, sacrifice and go again and again to My Holy Sacraments that will strengthen you. Love, Divine Love, will then enter deeper into your heart. You will grow and mature, and the world will not be able to harm you, because you do not live from the world, but you live in the divine.

I love you, My children, and in this place I want to strengthen, love and protect you in a special way. Especially I want to send you out because this power that works in you today will continue to work. Pay attention to special scents. Pay attention to My signs. These heavenly scents will surround you all. You will recognize them, because they are not worldly scents.

Love one another as I have loved you. Be united in faith, for that will strengthen you. And now I would like to blessingly accompany you on this path, love, protect and send you out. Bless you the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay in this love and persevere. Become strong and be vigilant. Amen.