Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, August 3, 2007

Heart Jesus Friday.

Jesus speaks to the pilgrims in the chapel in the Franciscan House in Altötting after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through his instrument Anne.


Jesus Christ appeared as the Risen One in the white robe with the victory sign and the Mother of God with the globe in her hand and under her feet. It has a triple crown in which the stones sparkle in yellow and white. She says, "These are my rays that I am sending down on you at this moment.

Jesus says: Here, in this holy place, I have called you all. You have come on my call. Look more and more at the signs I will give you. There are many things that you have not heeded in recent times. They are small signs, My children, because My time is near. You know that I have often said that My time is near, but it is now hurrying.

Many things you cannot explain to yourself, you cannot fathom. Do not ask questions and trust deeper. It is in this deep trust that you can survive this time as you face many difficulties, each and every one of you, and accept this cross in love. Do not complain about your pain, which you will also have in increased measure. They serve to save souls, especially my priest souls. Sacrifice them up. Yes, many priests are so strong in uncleanness that you, My children, can atone, atone that they may not go into the abyss.

How much My Mother, the Queen of priests, suffers from this present state of affairs. In many places she cries tears of blood. These tears are tears of grace, although you cannot understand it. When My mother cries no more, not even tears of blood, then it will be even heavier around her heart. As long as her tears flow, it is still bearable for her. Cry with me, My children. Cries over this time. Weep also over yourselves and over your sins that you have done so far. Repent them once again, for I am coming quite soon. I will also send you this soul-vision so that you too can repent more deeply.

At the moment my little one sees many falling into the abyss. Yes, the whole heaven is suffering and weeping. Pray, sacrifice, atone and be more in love. Love will carry you through. Love one another as I have loved you. Accept yourselves as you are. Some do not accept themselves and complain about their own self. Every human being is valuable in my eyes. With each person I have conceived a love plan and it is unique. Give thanks, give thanks all the time, because these joys should also come into your heart, because this gratitude generates joys and they will also strengthen you in this last time.

Do not be sad that I have to let this time come over you too. But you will be protected. Never develop fears, because in this fear the evil one can also enter your hearts. Have joy within you. I am with you all days and never, yes never, will My Heavenly Mother leave you. Again and again she sends the angels down to you, your guardian angels, who will accompany you on every path, on every smallest way. And now I want to bless you, send you out, love you, protect you in the Trinity with the whole heaven, with My dearest Heavenly Mother and also your dearest Mother. Be blessed in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, for love is the greatest. Amen.