Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jesus Christ speaks at the atonement pilgrimage of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X in Fulda and consecration to Germany to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through his little tool Anne.


In the festival hall of the Orangerie in Fulda today a pontifical office in honor of St. Boniface took place at 9.30 am with H.E. Mgr. Tissier de Mallerais FSSPX. In the altar room Jesus was in the red royal cloak, triple crown and the golden scepter in his right hand. The Blessed Mother had appeared in a white dress and light blue coat, also with a triple crown. In the crown were glittering light blue and red little stones, in her right hand she held a golden ball and in her left hand the golden scepter, a little smaller than Jesus'. Also the archangels appeared in white robes, golden wings and a large group of smaller angels all in white. All worshipped Jesus Christ on their knees. Above the altar there was also God the Father and the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a white dove. It was a great feast day, because the whole hall was bathed in golden light. Above each head of each priest were dark red tongues of fire and the Holy Spirit, who moved back and forth depending on which priest spoke at the altar.

Jesus now says: I, Jesus Christ, speak through My willing, obedient, and humble instrument Anne. She lies in My full truth and all the words she speaks are not from her, they are My words. My beloved children, My chosen host of willing instruments of heaven. How much I love all of you whom I have sent you to this place of My holiness. Yes, you are chosen. I thank you for having responded in such large numbers to My call. How gladly I enclose you in My open arms to lead you deeper into My mystery.

I thank you for this discipline and sacrifice you have shown to Me, the Supreme Lord and Savior. Do you, My beloved children, feel that you meet Me in the highest reverence the deeper I lead you? How much I love the women who wear long skirts in my honor. No woman has been present in this room who has not shown me this obedience.

Do you notice, My children, how quietly and with discipline My Holy Mass of Sacrifice was celebrated here? How deeply can I penetrate into your open hearts. You are united with the Divine Heart. Can you ever explain and fathom this? You cannot grasp it with your mind. But your dearest Jesus wants to please you and ignite your fervent hearts into flames of love. You should be able to pass on this love. Set the hearts on fire because the people who hear my words long for it full of longing.

People often take different paths, since few of My priest sons are willing to reveal My truths. They are full of fears, because they have become bishop-hearted. They ask themselves: "What can happen to me if I do not obey my superiors, the bishops, who are not in the truth?

My beloved sons of priests, I, Jesus Christ, want you to transfer your will to Me and grant Me your availability. This can cost many victims. Are you ready for this, do you dare everything, really everything, for your Jesus who has given you abundant gifts? I demand much from you, because you shall be able to stand the coming time in My purified, Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

So far many of My shepherds are like a reed. Back and forth they let themselves be thrown. They live their own self and interpret everything for their own benefit. The smallest sacrifices that I impose on them are a burden to them. They know no love of God and neighbor.

At their own discretion they celebrate meals with the people. They seek their recognition at the popular altars. The laity stand by them at my altars. Without hesitation they distribute hand communion to the faithful. They have taken off their priestly clothes and pursue worldly pleasures. The many sacrileges they commit daily do not prevent them from approaching the altar. How much I suffer with My Heavenly Mother. She sheds many tears, even tears of blood, for her beloved priestly sons, who are no longer willing to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart. Only with the help of her Heavenly Mother is it possible to hold out in her priesthood.

Today, My beloved ones, you have been given abundant gifts, because the Savior could take possession of your hearts completely. This Holy Sacrificial Feast, which My sons of priests offered to Me at the altar in this Holy Mass, was celebrated in the highest reverence. All My profoundly believing children were moved by this holiness. Nothing was disturbing, all were of one mind. How delighted you have pulled down the sky. He was within you, and deeply moved you went home.

You live in this world, but you are not of this world. How much joy you could take home with you. Rejoice always in the Lord and be intimately united with me. Let your hearts speak. You are to already experience supernatural joys also here on this earth when you are in my succession and believe in my truths.

The life of the Supreme Shepherd of My Church is still being sought. How much must he suffer in this purification of My Church. Pray and sacrifice much for him, even daily, so that he does not succumb to these difficulties that Masonic machinations seek to impose on him. I have formed a circle of light around him and he is under the protection of my Heavenly Mother, under her maternal care.

From human fears I have freed him. The divine power works in him. He is the Supreme Shepherd whom I have chosen for myself to bring My Church safely to the other shore. He willingly accepts every victim. Day and night he willingly takes the cross on his shoulders and follows me. No complaint comes out of his mouth when I lead him beyond his borders. Take all of you an example of his steadfastness. He is the rock and you shall listen to him. He is like a rock in the surf and cannot be knocked down. With a view to the future he announces my instructions, even if he will be forced to refrain from doing so. He is always led and protected by legions of angels. Believe in these truths and do not be misled by the bishops and priests who do not obey Me. Together you are strong.

Now I would like to say a few words to My beloved priest son, who is in My succession. My beloved Son and Priest Son, abandon yourself again and again to the will of your Heavenly Father and grow in this trust. Heaven will protect you. Pay homage to heaven and to me and go forward bravely. I demand much from you, since I lead you in Divine Strength. Nothing should be able to knock you down. You are in the field of vision of My events and one wants to distract you from your task from many sides. In obedience and humility you will be able to guide My chosen instrument, My little one, because you are under My care. Never leave this way and do not deviate one step from my full truth.

Show yourself in the priest's clothes, in the cassock that I love on you, because it is My desire that you wear it. I have chosen you and you carry a great responsibility on your shoulders. Do not hide yourself in these priestly garments desired by Me, but wear them for the glory of your beloved Jesus. It shall be a joy to you and not a burden if I order you to show yourself to people.

People should again be in awe of My chosen priestly sons. For this I wish that you do it gladly and full of joy, without complaining and grumbling. Go among the people. Many are waiting for you, because everything is fate. Why do you hide in your apartment where I have given you so rich gifts? Have I not become everything for you? Do you trust in My guidance? The angels accompany you and you are never alone. I send you among My people. Walk this path bravely and courageously. Nothing will happen to you. Have I not become everything to you? Do not ask why, but leave yourself entirely to my instructions. Or am I asking too much of you?

Follow Me, My son, and you will not miss. How many people envy you in your so important task. Go forward and do not look back. Have no excuses. I am your only hold. This path is meant for you. Be My obedient son and do not shut yourself off; I have given you gifts beyond all measure.

My daughter Katharina and you shall be able to take turns at any time to drive to the places and dates I have determined. It is my wish, because none of you should feel overburdened in the long distances that you cover. Stay in availability, because I guide and love you boundlessly. Have I not led you through all the tribulations? If you obediently fulfill my will, your life will be full of joy and ease. You will master all difficulties, but only then, if you let yourselves be conformed again and again to the will of the Heavenly Father.

My time is very soon fulfilled, so be prepared to fight and pass the greatest battle. The wicked one will especially reach out his feelers to you, My beloved son of priest. You belong to Me and I watch over you with a great host of angels and especially with My Heavenly Mother. Be alert and follow me in everything. Now I bless you in the threefold power with My Heavenly Mother, all angels and saints, in the name of the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.