Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, September 14, 2007

Cross elevation.

Jesus speaks into the computer at 19.00 through Anne.


Jesus now speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak now through My little instrument Anne. She lies in my full truth and speaks only words that do not come from her. She lives in total surrender and has put her own will at my disposal. She is completely Mine and I love her readiness to always want to be there for Me. She has to suffer great pain for the atrocities of the many priests. She is atoning for them and constantly asks for their conversion.

My little one, hold on, your Jesus is always with you and you will be strengthened by many angels. They guard you. I demand superhuman powers from you at the moment, which will take you to your limits. Do not despair and do not become despondent. You know that the battle between the Mother of Victory and the diabolical powers has begun. You will not understand what your Jesus wants from you, because it is inexplicable to you. Hold fast to your Heavenly Mother, who is caring for everything you need.

Today, on this day when My Cross is remembered, is an important day for everyone. You will learn to understand it much later. On this day the Moto Proprio comes into force. My bishops and even My cardinals do not want to obey these decrees. They lie in disobedience to My Supreme Shepherd. He suffers from the stubbornness of these bishops. They bring about a division, which they want to blame on the Holy Father. Why do these, My shepherds, not love their own homeland? Germany must once again become a role model for the whole world.

Yes, My priest son at My important place of prayer Heroldsbach is still not ready to repent. I will have to touch him with an iron glove. My little one, I am sorry that you have to endure so many difficulties. Yes, he is following you and has even called in the criminal investigation department to rob you of your honor. He wants to keep you away from this place of prayer by force and also wants to continue to rob your spiritual director of his confessional authority. There is a great injustice. But the wicked one has reached out his claws to him and will be even more cruel.

My little one, don't you feel that your Savior protects you? I keep everything away from you. The criminal investigation department could not even track you down because they were misled by the Heavenly Forces. Also a circle of light was formed around you again. This is your protection. Rely on your dearest Jesus, for you can no longer explain anything to yourself. No matter how much you want to protect yourself, this priestly son will want to persecute you and will always find another trivial reason to bring you down. Such is the wicked man, he walks around with cunning sneaks.

Remember, My little one, your Jesus is greater and stronger. No one is able to diminish this Divine Power. I know how to deal with sinners, no matter how much I love them. It is difficult for me to have to punish them. You know that I will save all My priests who are in need of repentance.

This, My priest's son, distorts My truths and many will succumb to his confusions. The believers who follow him are people who live in sin. Hate and pride guide them. Do not be afraid, my little one. Many still want to harm you, because the persecution of Christians has begun.

Today I also want to speak about My beloved priestly son in Steinhausen, because you have participated in My Cenacle on this day, September 10th. This one, My priest son F., especially admires My mother. I will help him to learn My Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass. He is already trying hard. It is a priestly son who is pleasing to me, who wants to live in my truth. Some things still he will change at my request.

Yes, My beloved children, this Cenacle took place on a special day, the day before the greatest attack in the world, as this priest F. mentioned in his homily. These terrorists have not succeeded in destroying My world to the extent they had planned. There are many things that I have not let happen and have held back. The people of America did not realize that Heavenly Powers were at work. It cannot be explained with human intellect. Unfortunately it has not been a food for thought for many people.

Some of my messengers I had prepared for this attack and prophetic statements were made. My little one, how much do men still reject my words and persecute my messengers so that the truth does not come to light.

All offences must be atoned for and you have courageously endured your atoning suffering again, that I, Jesus Christ, allow to be endured in patience. I thank you for your willingness and availability. The Blessed Mother also thanks you, My beloved little one. I wish My little one that your group, in spite of the many hostilities, go My Vigil for the Unborn Life in My sinful city of Göttingen. You will be able to see many little saved souls again. Take all the strains upon yourselves, for you will be protected. Do not develop unnecessary fears, because the evil one can slip into the fear. Take care of yourselves, because the evil enemy is cunning and wants to hold this good and meaningful prayer vigil. Strengthen each other in the community. I love all of you boundlessly.

Also the trip to Manduria from October 21-25 is planned by me, even if it is difficult. Do not let up in my availability. Now I bless you again in threefold power with My Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints, also with your Padre Pio and Padre Kentenich, the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.