Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feast of Mary Seven Pains.

The Blessed Mother and Father Kentenich speak after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house church in Göttingen.


The sky is no longer silent.

The Blessed Mother made us understand that she wants to speak because she was very moved during the Holy Mass. She placed all the angels at our side. She appeared in a white dress and white coat with many glittering golden stars on it. In your crown were red sparkling rubies. She had a golden belt around her waist and golden shoes on her feet. She was accompanied by St. Michael the Archangel on the right and St. Gabriel the Archangel on the left, all in gold. Behind her was St. Archangel Raphael. Our guardian angels were also present, all in white with golden wings. The sky was open above the altar in the house church and brightly illuminated in a white-blue light. Many angels were present and worshipped kneeling.

Our Lady: I, Our Lady and your dearest mother, want to speak to you, My children of Mary, now. My beloved children, My children of Mary, your Heavenly Mother will speak to you now in a special matter and in a special gentleness and goodness. Today, on this day when My Heart was pierced seven times with a sword, this pain is so great that you, My children, may share in My pain. Especially you, My little one, have been allowed to take upon you much suffering today, many pains you have suffered beyond your limits. Continue to bear them in patience, for they will become a blessing to many priests and help them to repent.

Yes, so much has happened in this city of Göttingen, in this sinful city, that your dearest mother now wants to make this pain known to all people. At this, My place, a place of pilgrimage was planned. My priest son, Father Manfred Barsuhn, was chosen to lead this pilgrimage site. He has not obeyed my words. My son is so grieved about this, and I have shed many tears of blood, not only for this shrine, but for this priest's son.

He continues to commit great and grave sins today because he rejects me. If he rejects me, he will also reject the highest God, his Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He has been separated from him because he is not willing to repent. You, my little one, have been atoning for him for three years.

Today I, as Mother, as Heavenly Mother, want to tell the truth to all people: My beloved priestly son, Fr. L., was violently expelled by a priest from My Church, the Church of Jesus Christ. I, as Heavenly Mother, have shed many tears over this, because the priests are My sons over whom I watch and who may all consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart. Many priests do not follow this desire of My Son and Me. As a result, they have gone astray and commit many serious sins.

Yes, also you, My little one and also your group were violently expelled from this church. Can you, My believers, measure how much pain it caused Me to see My Son, Jesus Christ, being cast out of this His own Church? How heavy this suffering becomes today to Me, the Heavenly Mother, the Mother of the whole world, the Mother of the Church. Also now my heart is pierced seven times. My Marian children are taking part in this suffering.

I wish that this procedure be revised in the Church of My Son. Let all priests read it, let them receive it, and let them work for it, not accept it, but also stand up for Jesus Christ, My Son.

Be courageous, you priests who belong to Me, who have consecrated yourselves to My Immaculate Heart. Stand up for this crime, for this grave sacrilege. Pray and atone, because everything must be atoned for. It is still time for these priests to repent who have caused this. I call upon you, turn back!!!

Soon this great event will come and you will suffer much, yes, you will be confused. Then there is no more time to turn back. Now the time has come, the time of My Son, where he will appear in great glory with Me, his Heavenly Mother. Very soon the soul show will come. Do you, My sons of priests, want to burden yourselves with more guilt? How many of My priests have fallen down.

In Wigratzbad there are several priests who did not want to follow My promises and fell. I, the Heavenly Mother, want to lift them up again, because I suffer my pain especially also for these sons of priests. Look on My suffering, My children. Look on the guilt of these priests and atone for them. Be careful not to have personal contact with them, for they are guided by evil. Obey this what My Son has strongly advised you to do. You will be protected, but the word of my Son still applies in its entirety. Everything is to be fulfilled until the last moment, when I will appear with My Son, as Mother, as Queen, as victor in all the battles of God. And now, at this moment, I want to give the word to my priestly son, Father Kentenich. Beloved son of the priest, speak thou from heaven in this thy day.

Father Kenternich: I, Father Kentenich, am speaking from heaven at this moment. My beloved Schoenstatt children, who have dedicated yourselves to this work, today I greet you from heaven. You are My children and you bear much suffering that cannot benefit this Work. Many things should change according to the promises which I was allowed to make to you from heaven.

These objections have been available to the Schoenstatt Work for a long time. They were presented by My brother in office. But one did not listen to these objections. It is important, dear confreres in the Schoenstatt Work, that you follow these instructions. Not this little Schoenstatt child will grow up, no, she is a tool and she continues to see herself as a little nothing. She only speaks these words that I want to give to the Schoenstatt Work. Turn back, dear brothers in office, turn back!!! I also want to say these words to you, because there is still time.

I, Fr. Kentenich, call you to the last fight. This, My Schoenstatt Work, which I was allowed to found from heaven, this work is important for the future. It is to be led as heaven wants it: In all holiness with the Mariengarten consecration. My beloved brothers in office, look at the suffering of the Blessed Mother. Have you not consecrated yourselves to her? Aren't you responsible to complete this Marian Garden consecration as I wanted from the beginning, as founder of the Schoenstatt Family, and as I was told from heaven? Why don't you follow My example? Once again I call on you because the last fight has begun and I do not leave my Marian children, who have consecrated themselves to me, alone. Acknowledge the promises that My Schoenstatt Child has received from heaven.

I have to tell you that I am sorry that I did not recognize this special child, this Schoenstatt Child Bärbl Rueß (Marienfried), to the extent that it should be. I am very sorry that I did not include these objections in the work. Do not do the same, dear brothers in office. Look at the work and obey the words of Jesus Christ, which you have received from heaven through Me, your Founder.

Today is My day, yes, My day of death. It is also a special day for you and for this small chapel of your diocese at Gertrudenberg. It is the consecration day of this small chapel. This day of consecration also depends on you fulfilling the will of God. Look at the great work. Not on your ability, but pray yourselves into the will of God. Only then can everything be fulfilled that is needed to spin off this work. Heaven will bless you and the Mother Thrice Admirable, the Queen and Victory in all God's battles. It now blesses you Jesus Christ in the Trinity, the Heavenly Mother, Father Kentenich, also Padre Pio, the angels, cherubim and seraphim, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.