Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, October 12, 2007

In the month of the rosary.

Jesus speaks in the atonement night in the Rosenkranzkirche in Heroldsbach at 23.35 o'clock during the abandonment by his willing and humble instrument Anne.


At the moment I see the Queen of Roses scattering roses over us. She now calls the protection of our angels down upon us.

Now Jesus speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She is in my will and no word is out of her. She was prepared by me for a very long time for my instructions. She lets herself be guided and led. Thank you, My little one, for confessing to Me your guilt yesterday, for in this way I can make special graces flow through you. Be content with your striving, for I help you. Accept your stumbling blocks as humiliation, so no pride will take possession of your soul.

My beloved pilgrims, how much I thank you for your willingness to come to My hostile place of prayer despite the particular difficulties. I look into your open hearts and want to let many graces flow through My beloved Mother. Many people are waiting for your prayers of atonement, otherwise these souls cannot awaken to new life. Also in this night many priests will be ready for a complete conversion. Now my time is here. The great persecution has begun. Many trials to strengthen you have come upon you. Everything is approval. Therefore do not despair, but increase your trust, which strengthens you. Full of longing, My Divine Heart looks into your ready hearts. Your hearts comfort Our hearts bowed by great pain.

If only the people who need repentance would ask for a drop of My precious blood. I would wash their hearts white as snow at this moment. Again and again connect your hearts with the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. She is the Mother who understands you in every situation and is waiting for your request at every moment. Here, in this place of prayer, My mother weeps bitter tears for her priest sons who do not flee into her loving heart.

Walk this stony path unperturbed and walk it by the hand of My Mother. She stretches out her helping hands to you. This conscious letter is a single slander and lie against my heart burning with love and that of my mother.

When will you repent of your sins and serious offences? When will you stop these crimes? Do you still not feel that you insult your Savior? Let go of the satanic powers. Free yourself from the Masonic forces. Allow Divine Power to enter your hearts. How long must I wait for your repentance?

I will embrace each one of you in My arms, because your sins will be forgiven in a good and honest confession. How many atonement souls sacrifice for your speedy repentance. You have a loving Father who looks lovingly upon all people.

My beloved ones, My chosen children, I look upon your many sacrifices that you keep bringing Me. I will catch them in a golden bowl, you are worth so much to me. I assure you of Divine Love. It should become deeper and more intimate. The Divine Power becomes effective in you.

Do not weep for the decrease of your physical strength, for the strength of your souls increases. That is where your Savior dwells. Think not of your temporary sufferings, but look to the eternal joys that await you. Now I want to bless you with your Queen of Roses and the Holy Angels and your dear Padre Pio, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be ready, for my coming is waiting for you. Persevere in prayer and sacrifice. I'll never leave you.