Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In the afternoon.

Jesus speaks through His humble instrument Anne during the retreat in Wigratzbad from October 16-19, 2007.


Jesus speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak again through my faithful instrument Anne, who willingly follows me. Since you, My children, are suffering from persecution today, I want to make it known to you that you are then on the way that points the way.

I know that you suffer from this church, which is in the strongest storms. Hang on, My beloved chosen ones. You are not alone. Have I not promised you that I will always be with you and you do not fight this fight alone? Only with the supernature will you pass this battle without damage. This does not mean that you give up when difficulties accumulate, but that you then fight for the Kingdom of Heaven. Keep your eyes on your goal and don't let anyone dissuade or confuse you. How quickly evil forces creep in. But you will feel it. Remain in the Divine Love that strengthens you in persecutions. The wicked man does not tolerate My truths and he never leads you to My sacraments and never teaches you to pray the rosary. He flees My worship. The evil one puts the pride of the human being in the foreground and the self-realization. He will never teach you humility.

My beloved ones, you will be called false prophets and will be tried to take away the honor. Then lives humility and strength. Never will the evil one call you an instrument of God and a nothing, although it is precisely then that you must suffer mockery.

Look upon My suffering of the cross. This is the great love in which you can grow. Unite yourselves with the like-minded, because those who do not believe want that you also should fall away. They envy you the divine strength. In truth, they do not want to make sacrifices and decide to continue to swim with the great current of modernism. They will become fickle. No steadfastness will distinguish them. Do you want to be one of them?

Decide for the small and faithful flock, and I will be among you. In small steps I will guide you. Always look at the goal in the difficult times, then you will move forward. Even if many of your loved ones fall away, do not be disappointed that you have trusted them. They are men who at any time decide with their free will for the easier way because the lusts of the world attract many believers who then no longer want to believe. At that moment they will decide against you.

In this pain take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. She waits with the host of angels for your decision for me, her beloved son. Then she will ask you all the strengths and you will not succumb. Remain in my love, then you are in true knowledge.