Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jesus speaks through His humble instrument Anne during the retreat in Wigratzbad from October 16-19, 2007.


Jesus speaks again: My beloved ones, I continue to speak through My willing instrument. Look often into My Holy Scriptures. My truth is contained there. But since so few people follow this call, I have chosen many seers to affirm My Holy Scriptures. These chosen ones live My truths and they will proclaim My truths to the whole world.

There have always been prophets, just as there are today. Am I not Myself Ruler of My Church? May I not intervene in this lack of faith? Why are My seers appointed by Me attacked? Through them I work and they are the living gospel. They are attacked and do no harm. Why am I not allowed to speak through these seers? They are my willing tools, which are completely at the disposal of the will of my father. Do they not suffer persecution as I was persecuted? Is My trace not clearly visible in them?

Why don't you at least listen to them? No one in the world is condemned without being heard. In My Church one acts so contradictorily. By this alone you can recognize my instructions. My tools are for the salvation of souls and I give them the spirit of knowledge. The people who seek help are touched, because it is I who work in them. They themselves remain small inconspicuous tools that will always live humility. That is how you recognize them.

My bishops who do not obey these new instructions of My Supreme Shepherd will fall away more and more from the faith, although they are called to support My chosen priests and to guide them to spread the true faith. Pray, My children, for the apostate bishops, for they shall find conversion. Repent and pray and consecrate them to My beloved Heavenly Mother, who is the Queen of Priests. You shall come to eternal bliss through my mother. Think always of the great victory of my mother, the mother of the Church. She wants to triumph over the dragon with you, My children of Mary. Are you ready to continue fighting with My mother? Then I am with you and you will strengthen with new power. Through your hostility you will not become weak, but you will fulfill step by step your way, the plan of the Heavenly Father.

How dear this Heavenly Father is to you, if you are willing to persevere in this struggle. This will is important. I connect your imperfection with my omnipotence. Be fighters for the kingdom of heaven. Eternal bliss is certain for you. My children, again and again I want to strengthen you. Remain united as my little flock. You take part in the eternal wedding feast. For these eternal joys lives and remains My loving tools, which cannot be confused by anyone. Remain in my availability for the salvation of the many souls that need repentance.