Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico.

Jesus Christ speaks to the pilgrims in the chapel of the United Heart of Jesus and Mary at Fr.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Jesus Christ has bent down from His cross and looks upon us and thanks His priest sons for offering Him this Holy Sacrificial Feast in the highest reverence.

Jesus Christ now says: My beloved sons of priests, My beloved chosen ones, I, Jesus Christ, speak to you today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne She lies in My full truth and speaks only words of truth, which even she herself cannot come.

My beloved children, you are in the darkest, darkest time. You, in your own parishes, feel how one does not want to celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Feast in My reverence. No, one celebrates meal fellowship with the people.

How sad it is for your dearest Jesus that I have to look at this for so long that My sons of priests do not want to repent. This darkness in their hearts is getting more and more serious. Their attacks against My Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church are becoming more and more violent and malicious. Satan has confused everyone and has crept into the hearts of My sons of priests. How much I struggle for each of these individual priests. How much My mother is trying to bring them back to Me. My chief shepherds have not obeyed Me for a long time. No, they lead My priests astray. Their task would be to bring them back to My Holy Sacrificial Feast. Victim has become a foreign word for them.

They still do not believe in Me, in My Real Presence, even though I have sent My messengers into all the world to proclaim My truth, to proclaim My word. I have prepared them for a long time, so that they may proclaim powerfully in my churches, which are so disgraced. They will be thrown out of my churches, which are consecrated to me. For a long time they have not listened to my words, to my messengers.

A bad event must come upon them all, because My beloved bishops, My chief shepherds, continue to lead My sons of priests astray, into confusion, and these in turn lead their faithful in the churches into darkness where there is no more light, where there is no more spark of light. They are so confused that they no longer feel anything, no longer hear my words in their hearts. It has become dark in their hearts. I want to give light into them, but they continue to block their hearts. They oppose My words, yes, they rebel against Me, their dearest Savior in the Trinity of God. What grave offences against the Holy Spirit! What heavy sacrileges they commit! Do not feel that I, Jesus Christ, want to let them repent. I long for their hearts, but they do not believe in me. They do not worship Me in My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

They continue to allow these laymen to be at My altars. They disfigure me severely. These laymen take My Holy Body into their disgraced hands and distribute My Body. They place My body in the hands of My faithful and forbid Holy Communion by kneeling, as I wish from the beginning. You have changed My Word. You have changed My liturgy. They make their own words. How much must I suffer? How much does My Most Holy Mother suffer?

At this place of pilgrimage, Heroldsbach, to which you are now going, My Most Holy Mother was severely offended. This miracle was not recognized, although so many have seen it as a miracle with their own eyes. How many more times must My Heavenly Mother cry? How many more times, My sons of priests? Wake up, wake up at last! How much do I have to pine for you to acknowledge My truths?

How long have satanic powers been there, especially there at this place of pilgrimage, My place. Satan does his mischief. And you, my believers, come to this night of atonement! Hasten to this night of atonement to make amends for these grave and great transgressions! Everything must be atoned for, everything!

I know about your ready hearts. No matter how much you suffer from this church. You are My members and you suffer with your Heavenly Mother who wants to lead you to Me, to Me, to My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. You, my chosen ones, you believe in everything I tell you, what I announce to you in my many messengers, who must become even more because the world does not believe.

My chosen ones, persevere! Be vigilant, for the wicked man is walking, and he also wants to press you, to turn you away. Therefore be vigilant! Pray much for my Supreme Shepherd, whom they have put in fetters, because my Holy Sacrificial Feast is to be simply dismissed. Yes, they really do not want to offer it to me. These sons of priests would like to continue to disgrace My Holy Sacrificial Feast in a meal fellowship.

How gravely My Supreme Shepherd, My successor, suffers from this offense. How often has he called upon his bishops, his chief shepherds, to stop these sacrileges. No, they keep doing it. They hold their own meetings and make their own laws. This Moto Proprio of My Holy Supreme Shepherd has been proclaimed so that My Church may be led to the New Shore.

Believe it, My chosen ones! You are in the desert. You are like the caller in the desert. And I wish of you that you now bear witness to these many words which you have long since absorbed in you. Let your mouth overflow. Proclaim the truth and stand up for it, if necessary, also with your life. Do not let up on your availability. I, Jesus Christ, will put words of truth into your mouth. Prepare yourselves for this way, for this last way, because I am with you and my heavenly mother will put a crowd of angels around you. No one will be able to harm you, no one has said I have. Do not develop fears! Be brave and courageous and proclaim My words, My truths to the ends of the earth!

You are My beloved ones and I would like to thank you for having persevered so long in this last time, especially at this pilgrimage place Heroldsbach, where so great hostilities are taking place. You, My children, have heeded My words. Yeah, you followed them. I want to say thank you and continue to protect and guard and send you out. Suck up My holiness in you. All days I am with you and never will My heavenly Mother leave you. Share her pain with her.

She will soon be allowed to crush the head of the snake with you, My beloved children, with you. Rejoice in this time that is coming upon you because My Heavenly Mother will win the greatest victory and triumph of the whole world at My place of prayer Wigratzbad. Believe it and hold fast to my truth! Nothing will happen to you because angels will accompany you again and again on this last path.

And now I want to bless, love and send you out in the Trinity with My Heavenly Mother, the Mother and Queen of Victory, with your Queen of Roses of Heroldsbach, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, be brave, courageous and hold out until the end! Amen.