Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jesus Christ speaks through His child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Mass in the house chapel in Duderstadt/Eichsfeld.


Beloved Savior, speak to us again today and give us strength and courage on this Your way.

The Nine Choirs of Angels were present. They sang the Kyrie, the Agnus Dei, and they sang during the holy transformation. Our Lady was present in the statue of Rosa Mystica and in the statue of Fatima. The Merciful Jesus has again poured out the rays of His grace in yellow and white. The Little King moved and was brightly illuminated, as was St. Joseph, and from the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus emanated rays of his heart.

Jesus wants to speak to us: My beloved little flock, My beloved and chosen ones, I speak again today through My willing, obedient and humble child Anne, who speaks only My words. Not a word is out of her. My beloved and chosen ones, My little flock, you who are left, do not be afraid. This persecution continues. If you lie in My confession, in My testimony and bear witness to Me, to this truth, nothing will happen to you; on the contrary, I will be able to let rays of grace flow into your hearts, My rays, rays of mercy and rays of love. (At this moment, steals of love in gold and red emanate from the Heart of the Merciful Jesus).

Yes, one does not want My Holy Sacrificial Feast to be celebrated. One does not wish it. One continues to listen to the rules of the bishops, which are not in my truth. This Motu Proprio has been proclaimed by My Holy Father so that in all churches My Holy Sacrificial Feast may be celebrated again and this truth may come to light. I, Jesus Christ, wish this Holy Sacrificial Feast celebrated by all priests, in the greatest reverence for My glory.

You, My sons of priests, have not believed in My presence, in My real presence for a very long time. How far have you sunk. How far have you gone from Me, your dearest Jesus, to whom you made this promise in your ordination to the priesthood: To serve Me and you serve the people now. Do you not recognize My truths? Will you no longer belong to Me and turn to My heart, the heart of Jesus, to whom you have promised faithfulness? You did not hold her. You are in error and in confusion and you pronounce this confusion on my believing people who still want to believe.

But you, My shepherds, you are called upon to confess My truths. How weak you have become. How lame is your confession. Nothing is left of your loyalty. How much My Heavenly Mother weeps blood tears for My priestly sons. How much she suffers. If you could only measure it for a moment, you would want to repent immediately and come to my sacrament of penance and make a good confession and give me this confession. Full of remorse you would return, you, My beloved sons of priests, who are far from Me.

When will you believe? How much more needs to be done? How many times does My mother have to cry for you? When do you convert completely? Must I make a Paul experience happen to you? How many times have I warned you through My willing tool Anne? How many times have you held My words in your hands and rejected them out of sheer weakness to then no longer be able to obey your bishop. You do not want it, My beloved priests. My bishops, I call on you again: Get your shepherds together! Lead them together to My altar of sacrifice!

How sad I, Jesus Christ, am in My little flock. She too rejects you. You should hurry to My Holy Sacrificial Feast and make your confession full of remorse. But you still obey your bishop. I am waiting for you, My beloved sons of priests. I do not want you all to fall into the eternal abyss. Believe me, you stand before the abyss and you will fall when you do not finally obey my words and my truths.

I love you and want to take you back and I am very sad in the Trinity with My Heavenly Mother. Come on! Turn back! Turn back, My sons of priests, My bishops! It is time! My time has come, because my coming is near. I come with all power and glory, and if you have not turned back by then, a very bad evil and a great event will come upon you, because then it will be too late, then I will say: I do not know you, My shepherds! I do not know you! How sad and bitter for you.

My little band, I thank you for coming here to celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Feast. You comfort Our hearts. I thank you. Thank you, My beloved priest son. Thank you to My beloved Mary who has made this space available to me. How much I will fill your hearts with gratitude, joy and peace, for I love you.

Now I bless you in the Trinity of God, with My dearest Mother, all angels and saints, with My beloved Padre Pio, with Saint Joseph, to whom this domestic church will be consecrated, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, for love lasts forever. Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Mary dear with the child, give us all Your blessing. Amen.