Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jesus speaks to the pilgrims of Heroldsbach in the hospital in Goettingen.


Jesus appeared as the Merciful Jesus. He sends His rays of grace to us. I feel that he is there and that he touches me. My heart feels the closeness of Jesus and this warms up my whole body.

Jesus now says: My beloved pilgrims, afterwards I want to express My thanks to all of you who have come to My place of grace Heroldsbach, since you adore My Mother so much and you wanted to celebrate this feast day on which you saw the tears of My Mother a year ago. You have seen it and you are her witnesses. Of course it is not true that she did not cry. It is the untruth, My children. And you know that untruth is rampant.

We love you very much. You are always in Our love, and Our love is boundless. Your Heavenly Mother protects you daily and loves you with boundless love. Every moment she is with you and wants to prove her love to you by opening up things to you again and again that cannot come from you. You will feel it. Special power will radiate through you and warm you up.

Again and again she lets My deep love flow into your hearts. Do not let up in your sacrificial prayer. It bears fruit, My children! Yes, it brings rich fruit! Here, at this consecrated place of grace Heroldsbach, you have already saved many priests from eternal damnation and more and more the Holy Spirit is being inspired by your prayer. Yes, they do not know that you are invoking the Holy Spirit and that you are letting this Spirit come upon them. They too have insights and enlightenments, but they have to put them into practice and they do not yet do so.

You, My beloved children, you are the chosen, the favored, but also the sacrificing. Sometimes you are a large group of pilgrims and sometimes you are a small group. But the power also lies in the small flock. Therefore, do not let up in your prayer circles when you return home. Even then victims are demanded of you. The priests look to you, to your uniqueness.

Of course they will not immediately want to fulfill my will and do my truth. They are dependent on the bishops and want to continue to follow the general stream, the great stream. There they have no difficulties. There is a certain uncertainty in these priests that everything could be taken away from them. It is not easy, My children. Have understanding.

The sky is with you every minute. Can you imagine this one? Every minute the sky is in you and around you. How generously we treat Our gifts for you. Yes, My little one has great sacrifices to make, My little Anne. But it is still a privilege that it bears these sufferings, for in suffering lies salvation, salvation for the world. And you are there to save the world. Nothing else shall fill you in your hearts but to want to save souls. This is your incentive, your energy daily. Follow this energy, this stimulus, and we will love you especially.

Hail, My beloved ones, be blessed, be protected in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. You are loved in all eternity and are my chosen ones, who will never cease in sacrifice and prayer. Amen.