Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fatima and Pink Mysticism Day.

At 3.00 o'clock in the atonement night Jesus speaks through His messenger Anne to the pilgrims.


I see a flock of angels kneeling about 50 cm above the monstrance in different sizes with blond, long, curly hair with a golden hoop in it. All angels have golden wings and their dresses are bordered with golden braids. They have raised their hands in worship.

My Jesus, I adore You intimately and ask You for mercy for all people who reject You. Mercifully assist them so that they may be saved. Send them Your Holy Spirit, the Spirit of knowledge.

Jesus Christ now speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak through My willing, obedient and humble child Anne. My beloved chosen ones, My beloved pilgrims, how I love you that you have come to this place of grace of My beloved Mother. You console her with your unceasing prayer.

My little one, I thank you, since you have given Me great joy by accepting your illness. You will not succumb to your sick heart because I watch over you and over your task, which I have assigned to you. Do not shrink from the many difficulties I must impose on you to atone for the many sacrileges of My anointed ones.

How often I am again beaten to the cross of shame. I suffer all mockery and hostility in your heart, since you have transferred your will to me through total surrender. Severe suffering will come to you. Always remember that I unite your sufferings with mine.

I have placed a spiritual guide at your side who will accompany you on this path and who also has to bear many sufferings. Be obedient to him, My little one! I have given you three more of My willing tools. Do not be afraid when the difficulties overwhelm you. You will not understand My providences. Leave yourself entirely to Me.

My beloved chosen ones, you too will be severely tested in sickness and other difficulties in the family. Persevere and do not despair, for you are loved boundlessly. My Heavenly Mother watches over her children of Mary. In this time in which you feel abandoned, I am closest to you. I will wipe every tear from your faces. These tears are precious to Me, your tormented Savior. The greatest gifts await you in eternity. Let go of worldly pleasures and live each day as if it were the last. Always be prepared for My coming.

In your parishes you are currently experiencing great confusion. Satanic powers have broken into My churches and devastate My temples where My sacrifice was once celebrated. Come under My Cross, My beloved ones. See if a suffering is like mine. Give me your illnesses, then I can help you, because in the acceptance of these lies your strength. You are responsible for the people who have not accepted my gifts of grace.

Serious diseases will come upon My chief shepherds and shepherds, because they lie in disobedience to My chief shepherd. The smoke of Satan has entered the Vatican. Pray fervently for my representative on earth, who is currently suffering a spiritual martyrdom. He is Mine and has placed himself at the disposal of My heavenly plan. He will fulfill his task, even if one would like to prevent him from doing so by masonic machinations.

My children, do you believe in the Divine omnipotence and in My justice? However, you can avert many things with your prayers of atonement. You will save many priests and also some of the chief shepherds on this gracious night. You are loved from eternity. Live this love! Comfort our bleeding hearts!

My beloved ones, soon My time will come that in My churches My sacrificial banquet will be celebrated in all reverence. Hold out! Be courageous and bear witness to your conversion! Through you I want to save many souls. Be ready! The time has come when many miracles will happen, and yet people will not believe in a loving Jesus Christ.

Now I want to bless, protect and send you, My beloved ones, united with Our united loving hearts to the last battle of Satan. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Your Heavenly Mother will achieve the great victory with you. Continue on this arduous path! You are protected.