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Friday, November 10, 2023

Pray for the Salvation of the Souls in Purgatory, They Need Your Prayers

Message of Our Lady Queen to Mario D'Ignazio in Brindisi, Italy on November 5, 2023, Public Apparition on the 5th Day of the Month


The Virgin Mary appeared dressed all in resplendent white with twelve sparkling stars around Her head. After making the Sign of the Cross, smiling, She sweetly said,

"Praised be Jesus Christ. Dear children, offer your lives to My Son Jesus. Dear children, surrender yourselves meekly to the Holy Spirit.

Dear children, let the Flame of My Immaculate Heart warm you. Dear children, listen, listen to My Call to conversion, to prayer, to reconciliation, to reparation.

Offer yourselves completely to Jesus as you are.

Ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins certain that He will forgive you. Invoke, invoke My Help as a Mother Reliever and you will readily receive it.

Pray for the salvation of the souls in Purgatory, they need your prayers. On the next fifth bring the "little children" that I will bless for Holy Christmas.

Pray. Pray. Pray. Offer yourselves completely to Jesus with your frailties, miseries, sins, asking Jesus to make you reborn to New Life, asking Jesus to make you reborn in the Holy Spirit Comforter.

I love you and bless you all with My Motherly Blessing."

Prayer to the Merciful and Clement Mother

Holy Virgin forgive us our sins, bless us, deliver us from all temptation and evil. Give us peace of heart and the grace of true conversion. If we go astray recover us. If we err correct us. Enlighten us with the Light of Your Most Pure Heart, which is the Light of the Holy Spirit. Give new possibilities for conversion and graces to those who invoke You and seek help, healing, deliverance and peace. Do not abandon us to the despair of the present moment. Make us overcome the dark night of the soul that no longer feels God and seeks something else to fill the inner void. Lead us to Jesus Eucharist. Free us from all distractions, confusion, obsession and inner and physical sickness. Purify our whole being and conform it to Christ the Good Shepherd. Make us attentive to Your Motherly Calls and make us rediscover fraternal charity, silence and true faith in Jesus the Savior. Make us remain faithful to the Magisterium of the True Church and pray Your Rosary every day. Thou knowest that all men sin. Have mercy and mercy on us all. Use mercy and clemency toward those who fall, toward those who go astray and seek the light of Gospel truth, Help of the world. Deliver us from the Evil One, from his evil plots, from his terrible seductions and illusions. Give all people peace and salvation in Jesus Prince of Peace, King of Nations. The Alpha and the Omega. Amen.

IMPORTANT: We follow only the Way of Fatima, the Way of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which continues now in Brindisi, with the Spiritual Manifestation of the Heavenly Court. Every fifth day of the month there is the monthly public Apparition and extraordinarily visions of Angels, Saints and Blessed Ones occur. We meekly accept the Call to Reconciliation with God, firmly believing in the Messages. Let us neither listen nor follow bishops, priests and lay persecutors of the Divine Appeals, destined for the second (eternal) death. We do not follow the false church and those who defend it (false prophets), nor its leaders and representatives (emanations of the Beast). Let us join the Little Remnant (True Church), which has existed for centuries. Maximum obedience, listening and submission to the Heavenly Court, meditating seriously on these Messages and spread them. Heaven is telling us everything. It is up to us to understand or not. He who has ears to hear will hear.

Let us follow the new channel dedicated to the authentic Apparitions of Brindisi:

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