Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Urgent Call to Humanity!

The Days, Months and Years to Come, Will Be of Purification!


My little children, may the peace of God accompany you and my maternal protection assist you. I am your Mother, The Mystical Rose and today I want to tell you that the time of trial is beginning; gather around your Heavenly Mother and I will take care of you, as a hen takes care of her chicks. Do not fear my children, I, your Mother, know you and I will not allow the wolf to devour you; you are mine and you are part of the flock of my Son; walk with me and I will protect you in my Maternal bosom.

Little children, the days, months and years to come, will be of purification; trust in the triumph of our two Hearts and do not let yourselves be carried away by deception; for my adversary will deploy through the media the announcement of his appearance, injecting mankind with the poison of lies. He will say, "The messiah is among you, wait for him."

I come to bring peace in all the ends of the earth. HE Christ loves you and comes to give you salvation. Love one another, I am the solution for mankind."

Remember little children, that he is the father of the lie who disguises himself and imitates my Son in everything; he is the great forger, do not listen to him you who are of the flock of my Son and my beloved children; do not fall into the deception with which he will seduce the vast majority of humanity; remember that he is cunning and will try by all means to make you lose you are warned: read the word of my Son, especially the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 24, which speaks about the "Forerunner Signs" for these end times: meditate this word in your heart so that you may stand firm in the truth and teach it to others. Prepare yourselves then, little children, because very soon the being of iniquity, the antichrist, dressed as a lamb who will seduce the vast majority of humanity with his deceptions, will be made known worldwide.

What sadness overwhelms my Heart as the Mother of humanity, to know that my Son was rejected; but another, very soon humanity will follow him and praise him as if he were God Himself. Well says the word of my Son, that at the end of time, "Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first". The appearance of the being of iniquity will divide mankind and will cause the faith of men to be lost even more, even in those who claim to be children of God.

Tears run down my eyes when I see the ingratitude of many who claimed to be faithful to my Son; but trials, hunger and desolation will come and they will turn their backs on Him; like Pharisees and Judas, they will also betray the God of Life. There will be many Catholic Christians who will renounce my Son, to follow the false messiah. What sadness overwhelms our two Hearts; make reparation to me for this offense; how long will you, little rebellious and ungrateful children, make my tears run? Why do you behave this way with the only one who can save you?

My Son will again be crucified, by the nails of your ingratitude; you know the truth; you know who my Son is, but like Judas you too will sell him tomorrow.

You race of Pharisees and hypocrites; you shield yourselves in a false faith; you turn your backs on my Son, who is Way, Truth and Life, to follow death, poor you; your torment will be worse!

Little children: I call upon you to pray with me for the lukewarm-hearted, for there will be many who will be lost when the false messiah makes his appearance; make reparation with me for this offense, praying my Holy Rosary, for my Son will relive again his Calvary. I love you my little ones; remain firm in faith; unite yourselves strongly to Me, so that you may have shelter and protection. May the peace of my Son and my motherly protection remain in you.

I am your Mother, Mary Mystical Rose. Make known my messages, little children of my Heart.

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