Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Am in the Tabernacle: Come and Visit Me


My children, my peace be with you.

My children: behold how mankind continues in its spiritual lethargy, they refuse to seek me, they refuse to speak with me. I who am the solution to their problems. I who am the life. How much more contempt and ingratitude do I have to bear.

I want to give them my love, peace and wholeness, but no, they are blind and deaf; though they have eyes they do not see, though they have ears they do not hear; they go through the world like wandering shadows. They turn their backs on the God of life, on the only one who can save them and give them eternal joy.

O mankind, take off at once the blindfold that covers you, that you may see the light of life, and hear the word of truth. I am the way you are seeking.

I am the truth that will set you free.

I am the life that I want to pour out abundantly upon you.

Look at me, listen to me: Here I am; I am your God who has remained with you in the silence of every tabernacle. I am imprisoned and solitary, but full of love for you. My arms are open waiting for you prodigal children. Do not pass by: I am your Father who loves you and wants to give you the best of Himself.

Do not fear, I am a loving, indulgent and merciful Father. If you come to me, with a contrite and humbled heart, I will overflow with love and blessings towards you.

I am the solution to your problems. I am the food on your table. I am the peace in your homes. I only ask you to give me a few minutes of your time and approach me, with faith and trust; talk to me, deposit in me, your concerns and needs; that I, your Father, will listen and solve as soon as possible; if what you ask me is for the good and salvation of your souls.

Again I say to you: Do not fear my children; come and visit me; my arms are open to all those who want to be forgiven. I am an inexhaustible source of mercy, love and forgiveness.

Remember: That my compassion is much greater with the one who feels in sin and wants to return to me. Come then, I am waiting for you. I am here in the tabernacle. Do not delay, I love you, my little ones, and I do not want anyone to be lost to me.


Make known my messages my children, to all nations.

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