Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Very Soon at Garabandal My Mother Will Give a Message to All Humanity, for You to Prepare for the Great Warning


My children, peace be with you.

May this time of lent serve you to reconcile with you to repent, and reconcile with your God and your brothers. Truly I tell you, for you have left all for last, including your salvation.

After your Pentecost every word of my scriptures for these times will come to pass. Prepare for the coming of My Holy Spirit; make a good preparation for this coming Pentecost for my Spirit to give you fortitude and temperance, and all the graces you need to be able to confront the trial days ahead. Be ready my flock, for after my Pentecost all will come to be according to My Father’s designees. I tell you, you will be given a large signal in the sky for you to prepare for the coming of my sign; all the happenings have been accelerated due to the evilness of the men of these times. Hence my children pray and be vigilant, for you know not the day nor the hour, when your master will come. I will be knocking at your soul’s door when you least expect it, to show you the state you are in with respect to your God and to your brothers.

I beg you to make good life confessions, receive more often my body and blood, so that when you appear spiritually before Me, you can be justified, and your soul need not endure the sufferings of souls in purgatory and of those who condemn themselves. For you know well that your soul will be taken to the corresponding place according to its faults. Visit me at the Tabernacle; I am shedding plenty of blessings to all who come close to talk with me. I am healing broken and mistreated hearts, and granting plenary indulgences which will serve you to erase your faults and cleanse your soul. Remember I am about to leave, for all that it is written for these times to come to pass; we will see each other again in my new and celestial Jerusalem where I will be with you until the consummation of times.

Come henceforth, for my fountain of mercy is overflowing more abundantly during these days, come for I want to attract you closer to Me, for you to rejoice tomorrow in everlasting life. Do my first Fridays and my holy hour; offered all for the healing of your family tree and your defunct relatives and your forefathers/ancestry, and you will see great changes in your inheritance and in your own life. With your prayers, fasting, sacrifices, and holy masses, help Me rescue the souls in most need of My mercy, not only those who lay in eternity, but those who roam this world without God or law. I am waiting for you in the silence of My Tabernacle; I am the hidden treasure you are searching for; I am your salvation. My peace I give you, My peace I leave you. Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near. I am your Sacramented Jesus. The friend you will never miss.

Make known my messages to all humanity.

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