Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, April 23, 2012

Urgent Call from Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock.

My Flock, Be Alert and Vigilant, Because Mark of the Beast Has Begun to Be Implement in the Population of Few Nations!


My flock, my peace be with you! Do not be afraid!

My children, be alert and vigilant, because, the microchip, mark of the beast is already being implemented among the population of a few nations. My flock be ware not to fall into the hoax, remember that it is the seal of eternal death, it is preferable to die as a martyr rather than to allow yourself be marked. Do not lose your head, I am with you, I will be your provider; trust and faith in your God, and I will be your food during these days; just trust and pray and nothing will happen to you.

Do not fall into subtle traps that my adversary will use to deceive you, to drive you to your death. Many kings of this world serve him and will tell you, it is necessary for you to allow the microchip implanted on your forehead or on your right hand, to have a better medical coverage. In this way, many of you will be deceived, and lose your souls due to lack of knowledge; once again my word will come to be: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4.6)

I forewarn you my flock, to remain firm and loyal to your Eternal Shepherd and under no reason fall into my adversary’s hands. I announce you the microchip will first cover medical services, then it will extend to all state services up to a point that nobody will be able to buy or sell if they do not have the mark of the beast. All those who do not allow to be marked will lose their goods, and will be persecuted, many will be tortured, and others will lose their life.

My adversary through the kings of this world, faithful to him and together with the false pope, will perform a global census to know how many are Christians and how many are Catholic Christians faithful to my gospel and to the doctrine of my true and Holy Church, to perform the persecution and extermination plan of my loyal children. My children read all chapter 13 of the book of Apocalypse for you to better understand what I am telling you, and so when it comes to your nation the mandatory use of microchip or mark of the beast you will have a wider knowledge of my adversary’s hoax and do not allow yourself to be marked. Again I tell you do not be afraid, I will beg for you to My Father to shorten these days, and you can go through according to My Father’s plan.

The word of Psalm 91 will be fulfilled to the letter. The shadow of the Most High will protect you, and My Father will command His Angels, on their arms they will bear you up, and you will not dash your foot against a stone; and you will see a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right, and nothing will happen to you, because you have trust in the Lord, he will protect you, He will honor you, He will give you long life, and you will enjoy His Salvation. (Psalm 91, 7-16).

My children be vigilant and pray so nothing will surprise you, and you can emerge victorious of the trail. Be persistent and you will reach the joy of eternal life. Again, I tell you, repent and convert, because The Kingdom of God is close. Your Master and Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth.

Make my messages known to all nations.

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