Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, July 8, 2012

God the Father’s Most Urgent Call to Humanity.

My Divine Justice Comes to Restore the Law and Order!


My people, my inheritance, peace to you.

Fire of heaven is approaching, which will purify my creation and my creatures. My land will groan like a woman in childbirth, the stars will be in dismay and the planets will align forming celestial phenomena never before seen by any eye. My children, my inheritance, there is no turning back. My divine justice comes to restore law and order. Mankind will know of my existence and no mortal can doubt me and my words.

O mankind, for love of you I sacrificed my only Son to give you salvation and my name was glorified by His shed blood, but you have rejected the mystery of love represented in His sacrifice, more than twenty centuries have gone by and yet you continue to turn you back to the God of love and mercy! The cup of my righteous wrath has overflowed, your sin and indifference have broken the code of love that rules the universe and opened the code of My justice, which is what you will soon receive for all your sin, lovelessness and injustice.

All creation will reverse against you, because you are the only ones who break the balance of created things. Hereby you know My justice which will purify everything, will restore everything. The universe has begun its agitation, fire from heaven is on its way that will awaken you from your spiritual slumber and will make you acknowledge my existence as the One True God. My name is forgotten and distorted by the vast majority of humanity, your gods are as numerous as your cities and as many as there are streets in Jerusalem there are altars of infamy which you have arisen to offer incense to Baal. I assure you that your gods will not save you on the day of your anguish!

My creation is about to be transformed and everything will be as in the beginning. All my children will keep the balance of love and there will no longer be injustice, or sin. Everything will pass to the hands of my chosen people, and my Will be done as it is written, in heaven and on earth. Get ready then, because the fire of my justice already rides in the direction of the earth wear your sackcloth and do penance, for the hour of my righteousness is at hand. May the peace of God dwell in your hearts, men of good will. Your father, Yahweh, Lord of all Nations.

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