Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anguish Appeal from Jesus of Nazareth to His Flock.

This Ungrateful and Sinful Generation of These End Times Will Crucify Me Again!


My people, flock of mine, peace be with you

It is approaching days which my Father’s House will be profaned by my adversary and his earthly agents. The hour of the abomination is close; my name will be vituperated and besmirched by the sons of darkness; many, who today swear to keep loyalty to me, tomorrow they will betray me and abandon me. Once again my words will be fulfilled: ‘I will strike down the shepherd and the sheep will scatter’. This ungrateful and sinful generation of these end times will crucify me again!

The deaths of my innocents in the wombs of soulless mothers are thorns that penetrate my head; sins of impurity of this mankind scourge my body; wickedness, apostasy, resentment, envy, selfishness and the others sins of flesh are nails that pierce my hands and my feet. The betrayal that I will suffer from within my church will be the lance that will pierce my side.

Springs of tear sprout out from my eyes, what hard is my Calvary, and which slow is my Agony! Come Cyrenes and help me to carry this cross, for great is my sorrow at seeing so much ingratitude and lack of love of this impious generation. Do not abandon me daughters of Jerusalem; come to wipe away my face with your tears, and I will let engraved on your soul the image of my haggard face. Join me to Gethsemane my faithful children, because I am overwhelmed of loneliness and sadness; the hour of darkness is close; what heavy is the cross that awaits me! Who will be able to console me? The immense majority gives me back and abandons me, other deny me, and many of my beloveds betray me as Judas, and they join the kings of this world to prepare my judgment, which will: "Crucify Him”.

My church seems to collapse, but the blood of my martyrs will raise it up; the righteous will give their life for it, and this blood, which is my blood, will strengthen it and the darkness’s power will not destroy it. Woe of those unfaithful shepherds that knowing the truth will betray me, and will deliver the Son of Man, represented in the church, to darkness’s power! Better they had never been born! What are you waiting for unfaithful shepherds to give me Judas’s kiss?

My children, the days of my passion approach, do not forsake me; pray and watch with me for the hour is close; those who deliver me are on their way, by their fruits you shall know them. Wake up, and get up because your Master once again will be crucified. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and Convert for the Kingdom of God is close. Your Eternal Shepherd: Jesus of Nazareth.

Make known my messages of salvation to all mankind.

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