Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sacramental Jesus’s Urgent Call to Catholic World.

My Benedict Will Continue to Being the Vicar of My Church, Until Appointment of Peter Roman!


This says the Lord:

With the resignation of my vicar will begin the purification days of my church. The Peter’s Chair becomes vacant thus to give beginning to all that is written about my church in this end times. The time of my adversary and his wicked emissaries is about to start, where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather.

My church will begin her sorrowful calvary, calvary needed to be reborn a new church strengthened in faith, full of Spirit’s Charismas, totally given to the service of my people. Humility, charity, poverty and first of all love will be the slogan of my new church.

Be prepare my flock, my people, because is coming the spiritual hecatomb, that will shake the foundations of my church, but it could not overthrow my church for I will be there to hold it. Many of my ministers, faithful to my gospel and my doctrine, will shed their blood defending my church; others will run away, and the other rest will be seduced by rebels. People of mine, pray and watch for the Gethsemane of my church is about to begin. The false pope is now ready to ally with the false messiah, and lead off the profanation of my Holy Sanctuary; all betrayers already are expecting the false god, the show is about to begin, the hour of darkness is at hand. The Son of Man will be sentenced to death again by his own families.

The cross that will carry my people already is prepared: Fear not my people; follow me that I am ahead of you carrying my own. There is not going back, everything is about to be fulfilled; heaven and earth will pass, but my words will not pass. In the midst of tribulation I will send ‘my warning’, and my people will be purified and strengthened in spirit, so they can overcome days of great trial.

When my daily sacrifice be suspended, will start the time of the great abomination and persecution; then you will know that I will not be in the silence of my tabernacles and all you must run away to the refuges that My Mother will show you; there you will be safe. My Mother will be the Tabernacle where I will remain in those days. Search for her, and My Mother will teach you the remnants churches, where you will find priests faithful to my gospel and doctrine, which will give you to eat my Body and to drink my Blood.

Remain united to Me, to My Mother, and to My Celestial Army for nothing and nobody can hurt you. Pray for the renovation of my church, and do not forsake my Benedict. My Benedict will continue to being the vicar of my church, until appointment of Peter Roman!

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Fear not, I will be with you until the consummation of times. Your Beloved, Sacramental Jesus.

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