Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Call from Sacrament Jesus to Humanity.

Children of Mine, Help Me to Rescue Souls, Pray for Those Neediest of God’s Mercy in This World, and for Those Which Are in Deepest State of Purgatory!


Children of mine, peace be with you

My Father has extended, for a short space of time, His Mercy waiting to be promulgated the fifth dogma of My Mother and the Russia’s consecration. By request of My Mother the time of mercy was extended waiting for these events be fulfilled.

Children of mine, help me to rescue souls, pray for those in more need of God’s Mercy in this world, and for those found in deepest state of purgatory! Offer up the Holy Sacrifice of the mass for them, and I assure you that the power of My Holy Sacrifice, which is bloodlessly celebrated in each mass, releases many souls from fire of purgatory, and rescues those in more danger of condemnation in this world. There are many souls, that have centuries of your time in purgatory, waiting that you offer a Mass or a Holy Rosary for them to go up to the everlasting glory.

Children of mine, when you offer the Holy Sacrifice of Mass, the sorrowful mysteries of rosary, the chaplet of my wounds, the chaplet of my precious blood, your fasting and penances for the purgatory souls and souls most in need of God’s Mercy in this world; the Love and Mercy of My Father rises many to the Eternal Glory, He delivers from condemnation those which lie dying in mortal sin here on earth, rescues those who are wandering in darkness and gives relief to those neediest in purgatory.

I need, my children, release from purgatory millions of souls that lie into oblivion, because the immense majority of mankind does not remember to pray for them. Pray for eternal rest of the purgatory souls and My Father will thank you and will take it into account when you reach eternity. For every soul, that you help to rescue in this world or in purgatory, you will gain indulgences that will serve you or your families most in need, when will come to the presence of God.

Every soul, which is raised up to eternal glory by your prayers, offerings or sacrifices, will become your intercessor in this world and in your passing by eternity. My Father, who is infinitely merciful, will reward you hundred by one for every soul that you help to rescue in this world or to release from purgatory. The purgatory souls are great intercessors, pray for them and they will help in your spiritual battle. An ‘Our Father’ that offer up for them, prayed with faith, will deliver many from fire of purgatory and will give rest to the most in need. Praying for souls is great benefit to your soul, because it unites you with the Mercy of My Father. Pray for souls in most need of God Mercy in this world and for those that lie most abandoned in purgatory and My Father will thanks you and reward you.

My peace I leave you and my peace I give you. Repent and Convert for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master: Sacrament Jesus. I am the friend, who never fails.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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