Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mary’s Mystical Rose Call to the Children of God.

Be Ready and Prepared My Little Ones for the Coming of the Warning!


Little children of my heart may God's peace be with you all.

The time of mercy is reaching its limit, the length of days is shorter each time; great sign that indicates that the return of my Son is coming. The Heavenly Jerusalem is ready and decked to come down to the New World; blessed those who will dwell in it, for they will know the glory of God.

Little children, rejoice for the days of glory are approaching, if you knew what God has in store, what if you but knew? You would be jumping of joy and as of now would wish that everything would came, in order to enjoy those days when joy in the Spirit and the spiritual presence of the Triune God will accompany you to the end of times.

How many wanted to see what you will see, what you will hear will listen and live what you will live in the paradise that God will give you as a reward for your faithfulness. The prophets of old and all the blessed souls, wanted to live the days that you faithful ones are going to live in the New and Heavenly Jerusalem.

Children, after the personal judgment all who are written in the book of life, you will be spiritually marked with the sign of the cross on your forehead and in your soul. So upon the return to this world, you are going to be able to distinguish who are the flock of My Son from those who are the flock of my adversary. Remember that after the Warning you will no longer be the same ones, while in eternity my Father will grant you gifts and talents so that you can endure the day of the Warning. Otherwise you would not be able to cope with the days of purification.

The time of the miracle time will be very short; all the people of God must fulfill a specific mission for heaven. All missions will be directed to the service of God and the rescue of warm souls and repentant sinners that will be stunned and disoriented after the small divine judgment.

After the Warning and miracle the great tribulation will be triggered on earth which will end in the Valley of Megiddo, where the forces of evil will be defeated and expelled from the face of the earth. Be ready and prepared my children for the arrival of the Warning. Run to settle your accounts in order with one of my favorites. Speak to your family members, relatives and friends about this great event that is coming for them to be prepared and the path through eternity be not their worst nightmare. Courage my children, think of the glory days that await you so that you can cope with hope and faith, the purification days’ that draw near!. Fear not, stand united to Our Two Hearts and everything will be like a dream for you. Allow nothing and no one to take you apart from the love of God. The dawn of a new dawn awaits you, the joy and peace of the New Creation waits you my faithful children. Praise be God and Blessed be His Holy Name from generation to generation.

Your Mother, who loves you.

Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make this message known children of my heart.

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