Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lamb’s of God Call to His Loyal People.

The Banner of My Martyrs Souls, of These Last Times, Will Be the Immolated Lamb of God over Tabernacle, Pouring out His Blood in Two Chalices Held Up by Two of My Angels, One to the Right and Other to the Left. All in White Background with Red Piping on the Sides and Below an Inscription in Red Letters That Says: This is the Blood of the Lamb of God Spilled out for His Martyrs, Blood of Salvation, That It Will Give You Freedom!


My peace be with you, my people.

I am the Lamb of God, who continues to be immolated by this ungrateful and sinful humankind. I giving me to you as immolated lamb for you to eat my flesh and drink my blood so that you have everlasting life. I am the emblem of all my martyrs which poured out and will pour out their blood for love to me and for salvation of sinners.

Whoever eats my Flesh and drink my Blood has eternal life, because I am the resurrection and the life. For these last times through the souls of my martyrs I also will give myself as Sacrificial Lamb. The blood of my martyrs shed, and their bodies immolated for love to me will again be my Flesh and my Blood which will be given to you as spiritual nourishment for your salvation.

I call to all those souls, who want to give their life for me and the salvation of sinners. I tell you loved souls, do not fear the death of body, because I will be with you, and I will be your strength when the hour arrives. You are the anointed ones, and you are the christs of these last times, I assure you that you will have a special place near to the Lamb of God when you arrive to eternity. You are my most loved souls, I know you, and I am expecting you to give you glory and coronate you with the crown of eternal life.

The banner of my martyrs souls, of these last times, will be the immolated Lamb of God over tabernacle, pouring out His blood in two chalices held up by two of my angels, one to the right and other to the left. All in white background with red piping on the sides and below an inscription in red letters that says: this is the blood of the Lamb of God spilled out for his martyrs, blood of salvation, that it will give you freedom!

You, my children martyrs, of these last times, will be the Army of the Sacrificial Lamb, and this one will be your banner that you will lift up and you will take it with you when your hour arrives. Be at my peace, my loved.

Your nourishment and strength: The Lamb of God.

Make known my messages to all mankind.


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