Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saint Michael’s Urgent Call to the People of God.

Brethren, My Adversary’s Attacks Are Stronger Every Day; There is No Child of God in These Times Who is Not Being Attacked!


Glory to God! Glory to God! Glory to God! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

May the Almighty’s Peace be with you, my Father’s inheritors!

Very soon the trumpets will sound again announcing the beginning of the great tribulation; its plaintive sound will be heard in the four cardinal points of creation. For seven days and nights you will hear the celestial trumpets, do not enter into panic, praying is the best that you can do; you well know that all this must to happen as it is written. Prepare, people of God, for the arrival of all events.

Brethren, you are reaching the limits of time, missing very little for unleash the tribulations which will begin your purification. I tell you, brethren, that you are being invaded for fallen angels; they are already among you, these beings from the underworld whom you call extraterrestrials or aliens. These malignant entities come from the depths of hell to join the evil hosts here on earth to begin the great Armageddon.

There are many kinds of fallen angels, but those whom are among you are Reptilians and Annunaki, whom were also those whom invaded the earth at the times of Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. These malignant entities are seeking to take human form seizing the bodies of those whom live in darkness and sin. Their field of action is midnight where they wander searching souls to make them lose.

Brethren, I remind you again what Our Lady and Queen had told you: do not remain in the streets until late hours at night, and unless you go out without your spiritual armour on, because you run the risk of be possessed by these fallen angels. Wear always your spiritual protection for your body and soul. Keep blessed or exorcised, if it is possible, rosaries, medals with images of Our Lady, the Patriarch Joseph, the brother Benedict and images which represent me. Bring this protection with you always so that you can confront these malignant entities.

Do not forget to always wear a Crucifix that it be properly blessed and exorcized by one beloved of my Father. The power of Jesus Crucified is terror for demons, because they know that His shed Blood will defeat them again in this final time. Brethren, my adversary’s attacks are stronger every day; there is no child of God in these times who is not being attacked! Your physical, psychic, biological and spiritual integrity are under attack, as well as your economy. The strongest attacks are aimed at your minds and your spiritual side. Brethren make a good confession of life so the open doors of your souls will be closed thus my adversary cannot mortify you and make you fall in past failures not confessed.

Keep sacramental in your homes adequately blessed and exorcised, because you will need it to keep away these malign entities which will seek to contaminate the air and steal the peace of your homes. Brethren, welcome these instructions that I give you by my Father’s Grace, so that you can endure the purification days which are beginning. Be prudent and do not discover your heart to any one so you will not bear nasty surprises.

Your Brother and Server: Michael Archangel.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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