Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jesus’, the Blessed Sacrament, Call to the Shepherds of His Flock.

Shepherds of My Flock Open the Doors of My House; Do Not Deny My Companionship to My Children!


My peace be with you, beloved sons.

What sadness, I feel to see that many of my beloveds are denying me the companionship of my faithful people! Many of my anointed ones seem that they serve my adversary more than me; some of them do not obey my vicar, and taking this attitude they are entering in rebellion.

My house is house of prayer, and I must be in the present of my children to console my people. Shepherds of my flock open the doors of my houses; do not deny my companionship to my children! I wish to be permanently exhibit in the Tabernacle, remember that I have came to serve and give my Life for my sheep; I want all my houses open for my children, my people are thirsty of me; many of you, shepherds of my flock, are denying to my people the Living Water that I am. With your behavior, you are doing that many of my sheep lose their faith.

Oh hierarchs of my church give the order to your pastors so that I, your Jesus, Blessed Sacrament, remain exhibit in my tabernacles! You do not hide me to my people, I am the Life and the Light of the world; let me enlighten the paths of my people, let that my faithful people come to Me to praise Me and adore Me. I want to be with my children because for that I have came to this world not for condemn you, but for save you. Remember what my word says: "I will be with you, until the end of the time” (Matthew 28, 20).

Shepherds of my flock do not forget that my Tabernacles are heavenly spaces here on earth, where I am Alive and Real giving me as Sacrificial Lamb to my people. There are more repents and conversions of souls if they see me, therefore I ask you, Beloved Sons, that you lift me up in your custodies and show me in front of my people.

I want to be exhibit in all Tabernacles of my houses, I do not want to see my houses closed; I do not want to be hidden to my children for I Am the God of the living, not of the dead. My beloveds welcome these recommendations that I make you and do not deny my companionship to my people.

Your Master: Jesus, Blessed Sacrament. The Beloved, who is not loved.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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