Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, May 12, 2014

God Father’s Call to His Faithful People.

My Creation is in Full Transformation, Everything Has Begun Its Consternation!


Peace to you all, my people, my heirs.

My creation is in full transformation, everything has begun its consternation! The interior of earth is boiling, and in different places, the fire from its womb will sprout which will cause that many nations feel the nature’s fury.

The earth will sink in many places and the caudal of sea waters will whip many coastal cities. I feel sad to see that the vast majority of humanity still lethargic, so they do not realise what it is happening around them. As in the Noah’s times they do not believe, and they continue in their everydayness so they will get the justice of God and it will be too late for many who do not want to hear my voice.

The vast majority as the foolish virgins are leaving their conversion to the last moment, and they will not have time for repent, because all will come suddenly; one event will follow another, and everything will be unleashed in chain. Fire from heaven will fall upon earth and earth’s fire will sprout from the ground; in many regions, the earth will open and will move and its lament will be like a woman suffering the pains of labor. The core of earth is undergoing great changes and its rotation is accelerating, the day length very soon will reach the limit of 12 hours, it is there, when it will be unleashed the fury of my Divine Justice upon my creation and my creatures.

Everything is being fulfilled as it is written; in the midst of war, confusion and chaos I will send ‘my warning’ which will be the last open door of my mercy because you well know that I am not pleased with the death of sinner. Prepare! My people put oil in your lamps with prayers and remain awake so that when your Master comes you shall be able to open the door and have dinner with Him.

It is time to form worldwide prayer brigades; remember that chains of prayers mitigate events; nothing that it is written will have reverse, but if you pray, fast, do penance and praise your Father everything will be more bearable, and my arm will not download strongly because to do so there would not survive any mortal on earth. All will be renovated, everything will be purified in the oven of tribulation so that it will be able to reborn the new heaven and the new earth along with the new creatures and thus My Son can return and establish His kingdom of peace, love and plenitude with His faithful people.

Be ready, my people, my heirs, because the Glory of God is near. Let each one carries his cross in imitation of my Son, and you carry it with love so that tomorrow may inhabit the paradise of the Celestial Jerusalem.

Thy Father, Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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