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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sanctifying Mary’s Urgent Call to God’s People.

I Ask, My Children, That You Pray Much for the Priests and Chosen Ones, Because They Will Be the First to Suffer Persecutions and Abuses from Evil Agents!


Little children, may God’s Peace and the love of this mother remain with you.

The anguish’s days are beginning, my little ones, but have no fear, this mother is with you and I will not allow that any of my children and their families be lost. My little ones remain united in prayer and do not let aside my rosary; my rosary will protect you from the attacks of my adversary and his evil hosts. My rosary is spiritual shield that I have given you so that with it stop and destroy the incendiary darts of the malignant. Do not be afraid, all will happen and it will be more bearable if you pray.

My little ones run to put in order your accounts with God, because the days are coming when my beloved priests will no longer be around to listen to you in confession; my adversary and his agents have as primordial objective to attack with great strength my beloved priests. The persecution to my Son’s church has began, many priests will be martyrs; good priests whom follow my Son’s gospel and whom are faithful to the doctrine of the church will be persecuted and many of them will give their lives rather than giving up on my Son and the church.

I ask, my children, that you pray much for the priests and chosen ones, because they will be the first to suffer persecutions and abuses from evil agents! The abomination of the temple, the suspension of daily worship and the closing of my Father’s houses is coming. Pray, I ask you again my little children, for the physical integrity of the Vicar of Christ here on earth, because hidden forces are planning to attempt against his life.

Little children, whoever does not obey the pope is against the church, and cannot be called Son of God. I exhort you, my little children whom are lashing with your tongue to Pope Francis, to rectify your behavior. Who are you to judge and condemn the Vicar of Christ? What do you know about God’s Plans? My little children do not play at being gods. I ask you: who gave you authority to judge and criticize the Holy Plan of my Father? Do not behave as Pharisees, little ones, only God has power to judge; if you are true children of God, behave as such; instead of be judging and condemning to Pope Francis, pray for him, so that he can carry out his mission of shepherding my Son’s flock in these times of much confusion and apostasy.

I ask, my children, that you have more charity and do not launch judgments against the church and Its Vicar, because this comes not from God. Behave as true disciples of my Son, and love one another and help each other. Do not judge, or condemn the Holy Purposes of God, and do not play at being gods so that you will not lose your soul. May my motherly blessing always accompany you!

Thy mother: Sanctifying Mary. Alto de Guarne (Ant.)

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