Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mary’s, Mystical Rose, to the Children of God.

Support with Your Prayers to Pope So That the Reform Which Will Give in the Church of My Son, for It Be in Accordance to God’s Will!


Little children, may the peace of Almighty God be with you and my maternal protection accompanies you always.

Little children, be prepared for a solar mega storm is approaching to earth and it is going to interrupt for a while all communications and financial services. Climate will suffer great alterations and the economy of many nations will roll on the ground; a financial meltdown is drawing close, and the god money will disappear forever. The time of microchip is about to begin, in its reign everything will be handled by credits. Coins and bills will no longer circulate, weak economies will succumb and many nations will be in bankruptcy.

Powerful nations will subject the weakest, and the new world order will begin its reigns. Only is missing the coming of war so that the time of great purification will start to be fulfilled.

Misfortune will fall down upon humankind unexpectedly, a lament will not end when it appears another; all will be destabilised in chain; this is reason, my little children, that we are making urgent calls to conversion, because in anguish times no one will listen you, and you will be at risk of be eternally lost.

Once again I ask for you, little children, keep in mind during all your prayers to Pope Francis, because there is a plot against his life. I also ask you to pray for the reform that soon will be in the church. Support with your prayers to pope so that the reform which will give it in the church of my son, for it be in accordance to God’s will! I say this, because there are many purple ones within the Vatican whom handle the theory of liberation and they seek to manipulate this reform and stand up in rebellion. The catholic world will be consulted for participate in this reform; so, ask for the Holy Spirit of God to enlighten Pope and his group of cardinals whom will carry out this great mission.

Little children, I am manifesting me in many places, especially in those nations which are far away from my Son and are serving other gods. I want as a mother of mankind to wake you up and give you to know the Only One and True God, One and Triune; so that when my Son spiritually returns to the New Jerusalem, there will be one flock and only One Shepherd, my beloved Son Jesus.

The shortening of days is reaching its limit, the time duration is shortening more and more, do not be afraid; know that all this is part of God’s Plan for this ends times and latter days. After ‘the warning’ my Father will begin the days of Divine Justice. It comes a thousand two hundred and ninety days of hard trial, which are necessary for your purification; do not lose your faith; remain in the love of God, united in prayers and taking my hands so that when you awaken after the test you will be able to see the light of a new dawn which will be my Son, Jesus, resplendent of Glory, waiting for you with open arms to welcome you into the New Celestial Jerusalem.

May God bless you and keep you, my little ones. Thy Mother: who loves you; Mary Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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