Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Urgent Call of Jesus, the Good Shepherd to Mankind.

Dust to Earth and Spirit to God, Who Gave It (Ecclesiastes 12,7)


My peace be with you, my flock.

My son, today I want to talk again about the cremation of bodies for you to transmit this message to this stiff-necked humanity, who denies fulfilling my Word and reject to hear my voice.

Once again I tell you, the cremation of bodies is pagan practice and it goes against Divine Will. I ask you, who do you obey God o men? Truly I tell you that every soul who in life decides to cremate his body when dies, that soul will be judged into eternity according to my word; and, as has been his intention, so also shall be his stay in purgatory. If the soul in life rejected that the body be cremated and after died, some one of his mourners give command to cremate it, this one will be guilty and shall atone for that, so that when he arrives into eternity does not last in purgatory until final judgment.

I remind you once again: Dust to earth and spirit to God, who gave it. (Ecclesiasticus 12,7) the dead should be buried, not cremated, should be given a Christian burial and before it they should receive the liturgical acts characteristics of all Christians.

I say this, because many are being cremated without any funeral act, and this is against my Word that it is written: "My child, let your tears fall for the dead, and as one in great pain begin the lament. Lay out the body with due ceremony, and do not neglect the burial”. (Ecclesiasticus or Sirach 38, 16-19)

My children, I, your God need your body identity until the final judgment; this means that the bodies should not be cremated because in the day of the final judgment I will revive the dry bones and I will give them life again to judge you in all your integrity. Read Ezekiel 37, 1-10 that it talks about the dry bones so you will understand better what I am saying, and you will not continue in your detestable practice of cremating bodies, because it is against God’s Will and you will receive chastisement as I did with Moab, who burned the bones of the king Edom into lime. (Amos 2, 1-13)

Neither flesh nor blood will enter in the kingdom of God, but when the final judgement arrives the dry bone will have flesh, muscles and they will return to be human beings who were to be judge in all your human and spiritual condition. That it be clear what I am saying so that tomorrow you will not lament. During your passing by eternity you will have better understanding of all these and if you do not begin to do reparation from now on for the detestable practice of cremating bodies, you are going to feel the blazing fire with which are purified all those souls who disobeyed my Word by choosing cremation. All they will be judged more severely than those others who had not knowledge. No one will exonerate of blame.

Welcome my words and practice it, and do not keep passing by fire your relatives. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master: Jesus, the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make known this message to all ends of earth.

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