Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, February 16, 2015

Call of Mary, the Mystical Rose, to the Sons of God.

The Sons of Darkness Have Started to Show Themselves, by Their Fruits You Shall Know Them!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with all of you and may my maternal protection accompany you always.

The sons of darkness have started to show themselves, by their fruits you shall know them. My adversary and his instruments seek always to attract attention, what sorrow I feel in my heart as mother of humanity to see that so many souls in this world serve my adversary and have sold their souls in exchange for fame, power and money! Poor souls! They believe that it’s all a game and they do not realize what awaits them in eternity!...

Understand, mortals, that you are of no interest to my adversary, what interests him is to rob you of your souls. In Scheol you will be tormented by all the demons which you served in this world.

Millions of souls serve my adversary today: artists, politicians, rulers, princes, kings, men of science, writers, sports players, and even many within the Church of my Son; many souls have let themselves be seduced by the kingdom of darkness.

Of my youth, the immense majority is lost to the gods of technology, drugs, sex, money, pride of life, apostasy, alcoholism, occultism and the other gods of this world and of the flesh. This world is in the power of darkness, because it has turned its back to the God of life. They have put God out of their lives, and out of their homes. If the home, the primordial building block of society, is in crisis, what can be expected in the other social groupings? Only chaos, apostasy, and moral and spiritual decadence, that is what reigns in this world.

I tell you, if my Father were not to send you the warning, there would be too few to dwell in the new creation; because the way this humanity is going, without divine intervention, the whole of creation would be at risk of disappearing. Little children, all is about to be unleashed, the tolling of the warning bells of mercy is coming to an end and when it stops there will be no going back.

The immense majority of humanity does not believe in what is about to come and as in the time of Noah, they continue their daily routine without preparing spiritually; when they awake from their spiritual lethargy, they are going to lament and it will be too late for these souls. I tell you, little ones, if the events described in the Holy Word of God have not been unleashed, it is because my Father waits patiently for the consummation of the last second of mercy, because He waits to see if in the last instant the sinner will repent. All of you think as men, but God has other plans and all of them are ordered toward the salvation of souls. Man is destined to repeat history because his essence is sinful and where sin reigns, pride of life sprouts up and with it, destruction and death.

God is feared for his patience and how sad that the humanity of these end times will have to suffer divine justice so as to straighten the direction of its life! Men continue to refuse to take a hold of the love and mercy of God; they continue to call evil good and good evil.

My tears do not cease, my Son and I are manifesting with signs and prodigies throughout the whole world waiting for this humanity to change; but the heart of the men of these end times just gets harder and insensible to the call of Heaven. Never before have so many instruments been sent into the world as at present; Heaven is exhausting all its means, because my Father does not want you to be lost, but rather that you live with Him eternally.

What sorrow I feel upon seeing that those sent from my Lord today are held in contempt, persecuted, criticized, depicted as dubious, and surrounded by ingratitude and prejudice; when the days of anguish arrive you will lament not having listened to them. Yesterday as today, history repeats itself. So ask the Holy Spirit of God for discernment and let yourselves be led by His light and wisdom; read the Holy Word of God and confront it with the messages that we are sending you and you will thereby know how to discern who comes from God and who is an instrument of the adversary. Tear your hearts because the triumphal return of my Son draws near.

Your Mother, Mary, the Mystical Rose.

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