Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, March 23, 2015

The Most Urgent Call of Mary, the Sanctifier, to the Children of God.

Little Children, Be Prepared Because the Last Reign of My Adversary is About to Begin!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you and may my maternal blessing and protection accompany you always.

Little children, each day the spiritual battle waxes stronger, but do not fear; I am with you and cover you with my mantel that you may remain united to God and so that the forces of evil can do you no harm. Intensify your prayer, your fasting and penance, so that the power of evil will not continue to expand and so that its malicious tentacles can be cut back; malice is conquering the heart of this humanity, the man of today is separated from God and does not know mercy; the pride of life will take a great part of this humanity to eternal perdition.

How many graces are lost for lack of faith and commitment on the part of an immense majority, who only live from day to day, without measuring the consequences of their sin for their soul!

Little children, be prepared because the last reign of my adversary is about to begin. The time of the mark of the beast is approaching; the emissaries of evil here on earth represented by Free Masonry want to initiate the New World Order, which would be the beginning of the slavery of the people of God. Millions of subcutaneous inserts, which you call microchips, are now ready to be implanted in all those children of darkness who with full consent and deliberation say "no” to the God of life.

Little children, I feel great sorrow because I know that many souls will allow themselves to be marked for lack of knowledge, and will pay for it with eternal loss.

You, my little children, ought to pray so that Heaven not permit that so many souls be lost. Many, for fear of losing their jobs, are going to accept the mark, and others will do so for lack of knowledge. Many of these souls say they love God, but it seems they do so only with their lips and ears, because my adversary is going to take them as if they were his property.

The mark of the beast is arriving, take care my little children not to be deceived; you well know that upon letting yourselves be marked you will lose your soul! Take care with regard to the international days of vaccination, for many of these vaccines will bear within the microchip, so that upon being injected, you will have the microchip inserted into you. Many multinationals at the service of my adversary will begin to mark their employees with the microchip and all who refuse it will lose their jobs. Those who govern you and are at the service of my adversary, in each of their nations, are going to implement the obligatory use of the microchip with the excuse that it will allow them to offer medical services with better coverage. The world bank, after the economic collapse, is also going to establish the use of the microchip for all its banking services, so that anyone who does not have the microchip will not be able make any financial transactions.

In the time of the New World Order, the use of the microchip will be obligatory in order to have access to all the services rendered by the state in the diverse nations. I am telling you this, my little children, before hand so that you can make provisions starting now, and nothing will take you by surprise. The world-wide economic collapse is near. Woe to those who have put their faith and trust in the god of money, because very soon they will fall with their god, and they will not rise again!

All has been designed by the emissaries of evil so as to quicken the appearance of the Antichrist and thus expropriate the goods of the sons of God. Remember, little children, that Heaven has given you the gift of some powerful weapons: prayer, fasting and penance; do these in a worldwide chain to overthrow the plans of my adversary and his host of evil. Pray so that this event not happen before its time in Heaven’s plan. On your prayer chain depends the success or failure of my adversary’s plans. If you pray, fast and do penance, my Father will hold back this event so that you can better prepare; otherwise my adversary will install his government of domination and extermination before when Heaven has arranged it.

The most proximate events are the worldwide collapse of the economy, the war and the schism of the Church of my Son. I exhort the Marian Militant Army to unite in prayer worldwide so that these events about to unfold might be held back by my Father for a short time while you prepare.

All that is written will be fulfilled to the tiniest jot and tittle, and there will be no going back; but the power of prayer can indeed hold back these events for a short space of time so that you can prepare and can, by the grace of God, overcome these tests. Courage, then, little children, count on me who am your Mother, I shall never tire of interceding for you!

Your Mother who loves you, Mary, the Sanctifier,

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