Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, March 30, 2015

Urgent Call of God the Father to His Inheritance.

Repent and Be Converted, So That My Warning Not Catch You in the State of Mortal Sin!


My people, my Inheritance, may my peace and blessing remain in you.

Repent and be converted, so that my Warning not catch you in the state of mortal sin! My warning is near and many on account of the gravity of their sins will not return anymore to this world; poor humanity that scurries to and fro, so worried about the things of this world; it has not time to think for a moment in the works that they will present to me when they pass through eternity. Oh, humanity, where do you wish to arrive? I tell you as a father, if you continue to reject my Son and to break my precepts, what will await you in eternity will not be life, but eternal death. My Son is the way to come to Me, He is the truth that you are seeking; my Son is eternal life.

My Son is in Me and I in Him, and all that he has said to you proceeds from Me, because I am truthful and the truth is in Me. I am in my Son and my Son is in Me. If you reject him, you also reject me, and so doing, you are also rejecting the Spirit of Love that unites us. Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Trilogy of love, immutable truth, the very essence of life, that rules creation with love, wisdom and justice.

My children, when you sin you are destroying love and life, which proceed from Me; you are offending God and if you do not ask for pardon and repent from the heart, you will bear with this sin; you will stain your spirit and separate yourself from the Spirit of God that dwells in you through the life that has been given to you. God is Life and Spirit that out of love created you.

All in eternity will be judged in love, because for love you were created together with all that exists; that is why when you sin, you break the code of love and all the universe suffers, because love is unity and is life that proceeds from God.

The time of my mercy is running out and will be gone with the coming of my Warning; I shall patiently wait for the last second of my mercy to run out in this world, so as to wait for you then in eternity, where I shall make a small judgement on your person and each person will be taken to the place that corresponds to him, according to his faults and sins. Many will not return to this world because of what they have done in this life. As Father, I shall hope that those who return to this world will become aware once and forever that sin only leads to death; I will trust and hope that after my Warning, they will commit themselves totally to seek their salvation.

Humanity does not believe if it does not see signs, my Warning will wake them and they will know Me, so that they never again entertain doubts about my existence. The passing through eternity will be one of purification for many, and for the immense majority, it will be its worst nightmare. The immense majority of this sinful humanity will feel in the spirit the pain that sin produces and a great number will finish in Hell, there they will hear the lamentation and the gnashing of teeth of the condemned souls; they will feel the fire of Hell that burns and is never extinguished, and many will not be permitted to return, and there they will remain forever.

I hope as a father that this last act of mercy, which my Warning will be, will help humanity to reconsider its ways and turn to Me, because it greaves me and saddens me to see how so many souls are being lost. Be prepared, therefore, because your passing through eternity is approaching.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Nations.

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